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12-02-2015, 03:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Nekku View Post
Half a year later and it still hasnt been fixed. Do you want to sell your game actually? I almost did but why should I if you obviously dont care about a crucial bug like this one.
We actually put out an update to fix that, it had turned out that a change in an iOS update had broken things, however, later we started getting a few reports that it was broken again. Maybe it wasn't 100% fixed, or maybe another change broke it again.

I don't think it is such crucial a problem because, as far as I understand, it only happens if you orient your phone in a particular way when starting the game.

We notice so few complaints for JCS2, while we get so many more requests for True Skate fixes, that all our energy goes that way. I'd actually completely forgotten that this issue still existed for a long time. Perhaps we should at least see how difficult it is for us to do an update at this time.