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Game Controller Supported Game List/Wishlist + Controllers

10-29-2015, 01:57 PM
Ordered a Powershell. How's it perform? I only ever used the Controllers For All tweak on my old device
10-29-2015, 07:29 PM
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I grabbed the new steel series nimbus today. Seems to do the job well enuf. Hated the d pad but overall I thought it felt like about what a 50$ mfi controller should feel like when compared to how much others were before. It's not remotely close to quality of a console controller, it's light, plastic-y, but it doesn't necessarily feel cheap either. I'd gather it'll serve its intended purpose of being a entry level controller for consumer Apple TV use.

iOS games obviously don't have the sophistication of physics and gameplay that console and pc games have so imo this is about all you need for iOS gaming. You don't have to have a cutting edge controller tech wise when there isn't the games to use it on. to that end, not sure I see a point of spending more on a mfi controller then this, it'll accomplish the job about as well as the other ones out there will because there just isn't a game demanding more precision in the first place. Even the d-pad, when you see the direction that mortal kombat went with that abomination, how good does the controller really have to be.

Tried the app out for it, it sent a fw update to the controller but after that, it doesn't seem to have any calibration screens to it.

I have a ctrli full size before this, I'd say that felt better in the hands but in real life situation of gaming, one didn't play better then the other. I do like the Lightning connector over the ctrli. The nimbus feels smaller in the hands, I preferred the shoulder buttons on the nimbus, was more ergonomic that way. Seemed like the ctrli had more play on the analog sticks. I couldn't figure out the lights and what they were trying to tell me for life of me on the nimbus. It did not match what the instructions said should be happening. When I plug in to a iPhone wall charger, no light turn on. When I plugged into a higher power usb plug, two light of 4 constantly blink as if charging but never changes from that. didn't figure out the rhyme or reason of what's going on there.

I felt while there are subtle differences here and there, nothing was a deal breaker given that again imo, both and all other mfi controllers out there are only being asked to perform the most basic of functions anyway. The games aren't demanding any level of precision to warrant a better controller anyway.
12-29-2015, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by CygnetSeven View Post
I have the Moga Power Ace and I'm thinking of uprading to the Mad Catz. Then I will be able to use it with my iPad.
Picked up the Mad Catz Micro C.T.L.R.i and loving it! Reviewers preferred the Micro over the original.