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The Virtual Reality (VR) thread!

01-20-2017, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by kukulcan View Post
I wonder what mobile gamers think about VR.

With cardboard and Gear VR there are cheap entry points when owning a phone so did some of you try? If so, have these experiences convinced you to go "Full VR" or rather turned you off?

Any members already owning some headset, waiting for there preorders to ship or ready to preorder/buy soon?
If by "Full VR" you refer to the use of a PC instead of a phone for VR, we feel that mobile VR users do not need to rush to switch to PC designed VR sets, because the VR technology is not yet fully optimized to make the most of PC advantages. This is changing fast, but we can't expect mobile VR to stand pat either.
One major disadvantage of mobile VR technology is that current devices tend to overheat in VR mode rather quickly (10 min approx.) causing a FPS drop, which pretty much ruins the VR experience.
05-05-2017, 03:40 PM
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Finally got my PSVR and it is a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

First you need a masters degree in cable management and some extra storage room in your living room - this sure is for enthusiasts.

Installing camera and setting up the headset is not really a problem and it is nice how comfortably it wears even with glasses. Being not as tight leaving some light in and offering a smaller field of view is forgotten soon once you dive into the games.

Resolution to me is a problem, even with the effective resolution not being below OR and Vive. PS4 pro helps but I never forgot it is a virtual world. Depth is not so impressive in large open environments, but shines in closed spaces (like RE VII mansion).

Played RE for like 90min and got slightly motion sick, not really very bad. But together with beginning to sweat it is rather a straining experience. That is a problem as games should be fun and there might be an aversion building against using the headset. The experience itself is impressive for sure, although I never felt it might be too scary.

Driveclub works well and no signs of motion sickness. As I said, open environments are not that impressive regarding depth and graphics were a little blurry. No weather effects in VR version is a missed chance as rain/snow effects usually increase depth perception.

Battlefront VR mission gave me a little more motion sickness. It is very impressive even if space does not feel endlessly deep. But looking around feels great especially if some Star Destroyer passes above you - huge difference to playing on TV.

Watched Sammy's adventure 3D blu ray and it is nice. Low res for sure, but HUGE screen. Less pop out effect as screen is so close but no problems with crosstalk. Once we have Star VR resolutions this will be the perfect solution for watching (3D) movies.

Bottom line: Resolution is just too low to let you forget where you are. Setup, problems with nausea and bulk/cables will prevent this gen (and maybe the next) becoming mass market. I don't think it is a keeper, nice for the novelty but I will probably return it and see if gen 2 or gen 3 will be around in my lifetime. PS5 should support two 1440p screens at least with some trickery and for movie watching, very curious if Sony sees a market.
05-12-2017, 03:03 PM
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Very curious how Mixed Reality from Microsoft will succeed. 1400x1400px displays, no camera needed and controllers included at a nice price. Scorpio should drive that quite well. Not sure if they shoot themselves in the foot calling it MR confusing everybody.

Wonde if we see more full games in VR, after getting used to it RE VII works fabulously in VR with no mozion dickness at all - immersion is quite remarkable and sure could profit from higher resolution and IQ.
05-20-2017, 02:10 PM
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So I played through RE VII in VR from beginning to end. It was easily the most intense gaming experience ever. I returned the PSVR as I think nothing can beat it and because all other games I tried gave me motion sickness to different degrees.

The graphics of RE VII (at least indoors) on PS4 Pro are breathtaking unless you are obsessed with IQ. The key factor for me was lack of screendoor effect, which gives everything a very solid look lifting the cheap Sony solution over both Vive and OR (as it does with comfort for glasses wearers).

Should VR succeed the screendoor effect (+resolution) will be make or break for future solutions. I tried OR and Vive several times and I think when it come to immersion there is no way back from PSVR - the slightly lower resolution is a nno-factor as long as the game res is not much lower than the native res (which of course is a problem on standard PS4).