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JCho's Sci-Fi Game Thread

11-13-2014, 08:35 AM
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Space Expedition.


A beautiful GBA style sci-fi metroidvania-esque platformer from the developer of Parking Mania and the anazing Dead Ahead.

Sci-fi and metroidvania in the same sentence. Go buy it already!

Mini Review: This game is utterly brilliant. It's an absolute love letter to fans of Metroid when it comes to atmosphere, though it doesn't come with the slick combat and more free form type of roaming. Still, it has shot up to number 1 on my game of the year list.

The game is split into episodes, each of which are a somewhat linear sandbox that allows backtracking, secret finding, and multiple paths to travel, but ultimately has a final goal to move along to. Reaching this takes you to the next "episode," but it feels as fluid as taking an elevator in a Metroid game as you pick up exactly where you left off in the environment.

The upgrades you find are often scripted sort of, in that you pick them up and lose them at specific points. There's one in particular I'm thinking of.

It gives me a sort of Stealth inc feel in that it's a sort of puzzle platformer, but more like the way the overworld of Stealth Inc 2 feels, with more casual environmental puzzles as you move along.

The story is subtle but intriguing, with text logs to be found on fallen scientists' bodies to add to it. There's also moments where you'll see something strange and your character will comment on it, which bump the creepiness factor. The pixel art is f*ckin incredible, with the look of a GBA game, but with colors that pop so much that you just want to stare at them for hours. The game plays with silohouttes in that the ground above and below is solid black with no detail, but the backgrounds and areas you move through are delectably detailed, especially the backgrounds.

This comes together to craft a completely gripping atmosphere of curiosity and caution, and the tense moments of the game successfully grabbed me, however unlikely it may seem that they would.

It's a little on the short side, taking most people around 45 mintutes, but I was able to scrape out a little over an hour by combing every nook and cranny for secrets (such as the hidden gems in each area). But hey, since when has length mattered as long as the experience is powerful enough?

This is one I'll remember, and has certainly earned a place in my all time favorites on iOS.


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11-13-2014, 11:03 PM
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Updated above with a mini review.
11-24-2014, 09:53 PM
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I absolutely LOVE Sunburn. Definitely going on the game of the year list.

It's a blissful mix of melancholy and cheery tones, as the character names, dialogue, and level names are all consistently funny, despite the bleak events actually occurring.

Combine that with some wonderful wonderful pixels, a very unique central mechanic, and brilliant level design makes it one of the best puzzle games of the year.

Also, did I mention it's sci-fi?

Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this one. Hasn't gotten enough attention on these forums.


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