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12-12-2013, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by LORE View Post
Here's another one: go to the azid ziggurat cave south of lasandal, get a metallo, its often very hard and frustrating too find one, but its worth it bec it evolves into metallodious which has escape ability and makes farming for rare arks MUCH faster
what is the rate of appearance? doesn't even see one how do I catch two

also, where are those arks? any location map for those rare arks?

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12-12-2013, 08:51 PM
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Hmm no map but I know where a few are from hunter island forums, puffers (not so rare) (puffoxin, 8 star) north of windon, starters north of orlen, hatchlings north of agramis (first 4 spots), frostjack (for fusions) (not so rare) as south as possible from orlen, for a hatchling or starter expect to farm for at least a few hours on the same spot and sometimes even a few days if you don't have metallodious, metallodious took me about 30 mins till I found the first 1 but I made the mistake of not using a gold card on it and lost it, it took me another 45 mins for second one, but that's nothing compared to the time you'll save from it.
12-12-2013, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by ImLegend View Post
what is the rate of appearance? doesn't even see one how do I catch two

also, where are those arks? any location map for those rare arks?

Nillox is I'm the mountains directly west if takran. Musharoo is on the north part if the broken bridge near arborus. Cherub is in the mountains north of windon (the 3rd town, be careful it likes to sac itself). Levi is on the coast Sw of finam, catch 2 of these as leviathan is incredible. Frost jack is southernmost point near orlean. The starters are the first four spots north of orlean ON THE PATH. The hatchlings are the same as the starters except they are north of agremis. The starters and hatchlings each have a 1/200 spawn rate, and are guaranteed to spawn if you fight 2000 arks in that spot (not in one go, so if you farm 100 or 200 per day in a single spot, they will add up until you get to 2k).

I'll say it now, make an account on the forum: http://www.hunterislandforum.com
The maps there are better, plus the live chat is an excellent place for advice.
01-16-2014, 05:01 PM
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When is an update coming to this game already? they said it was coming at the end of December or beginning of January. C'mon!!!
02-24-2015, 09:05 PM
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in case people are still watching this thread, we have a new game coming up soon, looking for help with beta. you will be able to bring a few monsters from HI to the new game


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