Arcane Ghosts - 2D platformer inspired by the classics

05-19-2014, 02:09 PM

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05-19-2014, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by HieroglyphGames View Post
Hello! I hope you like my upcoming game for iOS devices, we've obviously inspired in the classic arcades from the 80s/90s, specially by Ghosts 'ngoblins and Castlevania.

Game is almost finished but we still appreciate feedback, and we are also looking for beta testers.
Would be happy to help you test this game! PM me and I'll give you my info. Are you using Testflight?
05-20-2014, 03:51 AM
Yes, but we are not yet betatesting, a few days left, I'll keep you updated
06-06-2014, 09:16 AM
We already sent the first version of the game to the appstore for review!
Arcane Ghosts will be in the appstore the 19th of June!
06-06-2014, 04:59 PM
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Great news! Roll on the 19th!