MusicOnPurpose (nagz) available!

06-25-2014, 07:37 AM
MusicOnPurpose (nagz) available!

Hey fellas!

I have been a music producer for 15+ years and currently looking for jobs, especially in the field of video games. I made music for numerous casual indie games before (Arcane Island, Baby Mummy's Curse, HexxagonHD, etc.) but I am capable of doing jobs on a more serious level. I was (am?) known as Nagz in the demoscene, I am also a member of Maniacs of Noise, alongside with Jeroen Tel (WAVE), which may ring some bells.

My reference is a little bit outdated, but you can find it at [URL=""][/URL] my official soundcloud account is [URL=""][/URL] where new releases are due pretty soon. feel free to contact me any time on MusicOnPurpose!