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03-16-2017, 06:08 PM
@Den Den

We would absolutely love to do that! In fact we are big supporters of similar features like the 'always recording' option that the current console generation enjoys. To be able to say "wow that was a great moment, I am going to save that" instead of having to actively start recording before you start playing 'just in case something epic happens'.

Apple's ReplayKit is currently fairly limited in this regard (but a step in the right direction). We are always experimenting with the latest ReplayKit functionality and we are actively requesting these kind of new features from Apple. Tijmen, the other guy from Firi Games - who made the game engine and everything-, used a very nice word to describe the current state of ReplayKit, 'fragile'. It is exactly the reason why we had to disable recording on devices older than the iPhone 7.

So yes, we would definitely like to expand the leaderboard inspector with a kind of 'replay' system. If there are any developments with regards to these kinds of features I will be sure to post them here. Thanks for the suggestion!

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03-17-2017, 09:33 AM
Could you please tell us something about the next version? I just can't wait to know that. Now I only know the new type of bullets on your ins.

03-17-2017, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Selachii View Post
Hmm no, because a Personal Shield also clears bullets within the shield, while the Barrier can be a snow-globe filled with bullets :P
The perfect holiday gift for friends and family: Bullet Globe!

Originally Posted by UncleDecade View Post
Could you please tell us something about the next version? I just can't wait to know that. Now I only know the new type of bullets on your ins.
On their Instagram page, there are video clips of bombs that spray out lasers and fast bullets, so we might see that in-game sometime soon. Now that we're on the topic of their instagram page, has anyone noticed that the boomerang turrets were leaked before they came out? (Look at the picture about the new enemy cockpit designs)


Lots of lasers in today's mission, if you were wondering.
03-17-2017, 05:23 PM
Actually, we showed the boomerang turrets, including their animations, during development almost a year ago. I would link the Vine, but that site stopped in the meantime That said, we wanted to tune their gameplay before making them available to the enemies.

We have a cool new update planned with several additions and fixes as you guys have come to expect. Among other things it will include 5 new ships _again_! I will probably show one on our Instagram page at some point. Speaking of which, what you guys have been seeing there are several tests and attempts to unify the weapon sets that the enemies use. Specific enemy types will only have access to certain weapons. This includes trying mirvs of each projectile type. Some of these might make it into the game, some not. For example, the laser mirvs are a ton of fun, the boomerang mirvs not so much.
03-18-2017, 01:38 AM
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I feel like updates need to be more focused on play features rather than ships. But I'm also fine with ships.
03-18-2017, 02:56 AM
I feel more ship the better.
03-18-2017, 07:55 AM
When will the new version be released? I'm looking forward to it,
03-18-2017, 10:47 AM
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The new version has been confirmed on the end of March. Maybe some time around the end.
03-20-2017, 08:46 PM
It's been forever since I posted...

I will be honest, I was initially disappointed with the 2.0 update originally when Mega Laser became laughably overpowered and how good ships were was basically like this:

"Do you have Mega Laser?"
Yes: Already better than any ship that doesn't have Mega Laser

I have played a little bit steadily since the updates dropped, but finally sitting down to see how the ships have changed over time has been a nice little change. For example, Tillat'or which I would have never imagined using ever before has actually become somewhat useful for survival because of buffs to rapid fire weapons that happened in the past. I did another "New Ships 2 Tier List" over time for fun, but since I see another update is coming at the end of March, I figured I would share as a "take with a grain of salt" list due to possible changes that may occur. This is based solely on ease of use + versatility overall, as things have shifted from clear times being the only real goal in Phoenix 2 to reaching higher leagues as a more attainable goal imo. A few adjustments to what I perceive as outclassed or weaker would be nice to spice things up, but I personally don't think that anything NEEDS changes like previously in 1.0 or early 2.0.

Each individual tier provided is in a perceived order from top(better) to bottom(worse).

S Tier – Dominant, ease of use overall
Aurora Best mix of offense and defense
EX04239 The dominant offense oriented ship
Razor VI Best balance of burst damage and barrier defense
Cinnri Powerful and easy to use
Photurius Insanely powerful spread shot, good lockdown

A Tier – Good, under dominant
Saber High damage, piercing, free bullet clear periodically
Juggernaut Good burst damage, balance of abilites
Heechi Incredibly strong for ease of use, tanky
Trireme Good utility overall, ease of use
Veil Nearly as good as Juggernaut due to same abilities
Prime X Good utility, can be better than Trireme at times
Hime Ghetto Cinnri
Geist Good burst, balanced kit
Wrackr Good weapon and kit
Atlas Buff to main weapon makes it pretty nice again, a little weaker than Geist overall
Krillou Not bad but falls behind the more dominant ships
Fujin Good offense based kit, but not the best if going full offense
Tempest Good balanced kit, a little weaker than Juggernaut and Veil more often than not
502-Q8 Cheesy mega laser strats

B Tier – Average Overall
Barret limited firepower against multiple enemies, but deals with biggest ships fairly well and two defensive abilities
Proxymar Nerfed, weak main weapon when no particles are collected.
Buhloo Nerfed, still decent but losing in power creep.
Von Braun Troublesome, but can be good with cluster of medium enemies
Dragonfly Not too shabby after weapon buffs, similar to Tillat'or but no defenses
Havoc A little worse than Fujin due to less reliable main weapon
Tillator Much better after massive buffs, decent weapon and good defensive kit
Valkyrie Cheesey mega bomb strats not as strong as 502-Q8 mega laser strats
Torrent Decent strength, two defensive abilities
Lokie Well rounded laser storm kit
Arietis Average after point defense and main weapon buff but mega laser nerf
Xaniea Weaker after laser storm nerfs
Yoth-Hola Not too strong or weak
Mist Star Easy to use, limited strength
Vani-Vith Balanced, nothing outstanding
Baqlor A bit lacking other than having a decent weapon
Jn'dur Good against waves without too many big enemies
Kada Veni Slightly worse than Jn'dur now
Hunter balanced ship with teleport, a bit lacking

C Tier – Lacking in strengths, but not as bad as D
Gorthaur Better after buffs, still worse than other ships
Essin Outclassed by Lokie
Elyon Worse than other laser storm users
Ogon Worse than other laser storm users
Vuxine Slightly better than Tar'cah, Zephyr
Tar'cah Nearly identical to Zephyr
Zephyr Nearly identical to Tar'cah
Phoenix Not powerful
Shinova Sporadic shot, Bullet EMP spam is ok
Yigothu Slow and weak main weapon (this ship is S+ tier in art design and presentation though)
Gladius Weak, better vorpal lance users
Proteus shot, while powerful, is troubling to handle

D Tier – Outclassed, lacking in any advantage
Sakura Outclassed by Tillator(ty based rapid fire buffs)
NC-150 Outclassed by Torrent
Czar Bad single target shot, delay between shots
Jericho Outclassed by Phoenix
Oran Outclassed by Mist Star

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03-21-2017, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Emuser View Post
C Tier Lacking in strengths, but not as bad as D
Yigothu Slow and weak main weapon (this ship is S+ tier in art design and presentation though)
Agree with you about Yigothu. Beautiful to look at, underpowered to use.

Hope tweaks are made to make Yigothu S+ Tier capable.