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03-14-2017, 10:30 AM
Joined: Jul 2016
Posts: 14
Really interesting game, but horrible stability as mentioned. In the interest of seeing a silver lining it has only ever crashed crashed outside of games for me... In the menu it dies constantly, but at least I've never lost any progress from it.

Still has to get some major patches fast, but there's enough really good ideas here to keep me coming back.
03-15-2017, 09:02 AM
Tried to download this morning, and get a message from the app store that "this product is not currently available in the US store".

03-15-2017, 09:40 AM
Joined: Jul 2016
Posts: 14
I retract my previous statement. The servers are on their knees today, so now its both unstable innthe menues and unplayable in game due to lag and timeouts. Stay away for now and give it a chance in a month or so.

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