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01-05-2015, 08:34 PM
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Just finished Year Walk (both endings) + have been reading comments, including the “You’ve seen everything. Now you just have to think.” from Simogo. One thing I don't think I've seen mentioned is this excerpt from the companion (my emphasis)...

"One story from Bergslagen tells of an old farmer on his way home through the forest. He is approached by a small child who follows him and says “Grand-father,Grand-father,I am so hungry”. The old man tries to ignore it but the child keeps on nagging,so finally the old man loses his patience.”If you can find someone to feed you,then feed. But you won’t get any milk from me.”The child seems pleased and leaves.When the old man comes home,he finds his daughter lying dead on the floor, bleeding from her chest.The child he met was the spirit of his murdered grandson."

As noted previously in this thread, Stina is seen with a Myling in the mill, suggesting that it was hers; also

"The two most common motives were that there was no room for another mouth to feed or that the child had been conceived outside of wedlock.The souls of these unfortunate children became Mylings."

suggests that Daniel was the father.


So my own interpretation would be that if Daniel lives, Stina marries Lucas but has an affair with Daniel, leading to the birth of a child she unknowingly gives to an angel maker. The spirit of the child then murders her.

One element of the above narrative that isn't accounted for is that someone gave the Myling permission: "If you can find someone to feed you, then feed." I'm not sure who that might be in this case -- if it is someone on a year walk (when time works strangely), then perhaps Daniel or Stina's occasionally mentioned cousin?


One other small thing -- I think the 5 and 6 dots in the dark cave may relate to a cut puzzle. If you look near the bl of this...


you'll see some sums involving the 5 symbol among others. If you had been given those sums and the symbol-number correspondences for 2 and 5, you could deduce the symbol-number correspondence for 4, which you actually need to get to the church. So I'd guess that you weren't originally given the symbol for 4 directly.

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04-06-2015, 05:08 AM
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My god!!! This was the best thing that I've experienced on ios since the room. Well beyond crazy good! My mind has been blown by the entire thing! I'm in shock. It's 5 am and I need to sleep.