App description: Collision is a fast paced, endless action avoider game! Use your reflexes to dodge and evade obstacles for as long as you can and rack up a massive highscore to show off on the online leaderboards and share to friends on Facebook and Twitter!!

You can even WIN PRIZES in the monthly competitions by getting highscores and submitting them to the leaderboards!!

Earn gems by achieving highscores and spend them on awesome upgrades to boost your scores or customise your balls!

There are over 25 different ball styles to choose from, so you can really make the game your own!

copaeci's comments:

Really simple app, but so addicted. Try to get the highest score as much as you can..
05-12-2013, 08:49 AM
Damn... no GC?? Only FB + Twitter? grrrr....

As good as it might be, that takes a LOT of the drive to keep playing away. Hope they add it in the future...

**also - no relative touch?? the orb is hidden under your finger while you're playing - pain in the butt...

This could have been a decent game, but they made quite a few mistakes that completely ruin the experience.

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