iPhone: 7 Lives [Free mobile game]

01-11-2014, 09:58 AM
7 Lives [Free mobile game]

We have been working on a game for three months. It is called 7 Lives. There is already a 2D version available in the store. We are working on a 3D advanced version now. Here is a trailer of the 3D version.

Youtube link | Pop Up

We would love to hear from you guys about how does The Game looks. Also we are gonna give some free promo codes for in game goodies to participants.

Existing 2D game

Youtube link | Pop Up

iPHONE users download here: [url]http://goo.gl/9vXhV[/url]
iPAD users download here: [url]http://goo.gl/C5Wwc[/url]
ANDROID users download here: [url]http://goo.gl/1UUbC[/url]