App description: ***For iPhone5,iPod 5, and iPad2 or higher***

So this is were the app description would go huh? Well, I don't think you should get one.

Why? That's none of your business.

This is a game and you don't HAVE to play it now do you?

If you think you can beat me then go ahead and download the 1080 Challenge.

If you don't, I'll just assume that you could not beat me and, having realized that, decided to not download the game.

I use the term "game" loosely of course.

There's some screen shots below this but I'm not entirely sure how useful those are going to be.

You either have what it takes or you don't.

Your decision on weather or not you'll download and participate in the 1080 Challenge really answers that doesn't it?

Go ahead and try if you like. Or don't, it doesn't matter.

Of course, not trying is the losing of losing.
08-26-2014, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by BehindTheSun View Post
Can you send an email to Apple and asking them to take all the clones of your game out?

Clearly, they're making money on your creation. You deserve more than what you got dude!
Hey thank. Yeah, it's tough knowing people are making a ton of money off of a clone of your game while you're barely breaking even but we don't like to stir up trouble. Clones will happen no matter what and we've decided to take it as a compliment and keep moving forward.

Technically, 1080 Challenge isn't totally original, but that's part of the idea of what we are trying to highlight in the game.

It's also nice to know we have fans out there! We have a Bouncy Bit Sequel in the works.

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