App description: World to Conquer is a turn-based game of swords and sorcery. Command brave soldiers, fierce samurai, archers, and sneaky ninja in tactical battles. Smite foes with fiery blasts of magic and lightning. Breath life into trees and rocks.

World to Conquer, Shadow of the Kraul is a follow-up to the award winning 2002 udev games contest entry, lovingly redesigned from the ground up for tactical on-the-go gaming.

- campaign mode with cinematic story
- slay mighty dragons and evil overlords
- recruit and use over a dozen unique units
- hotseat battles with a local friend
- earn OpenFeint and GameCenter achievements
- access convenient customer support & online strategy guide right from the main menu

4/21/2011 - made Apple's New & Noteworthy lists for board and strategy games in Canada!

"World to Conquer is a very solid and well balanced turn-based strategy game. 4/5"

"World to Conquer doesnt need such folly to keep you glued to its turn-based screen. Instead, it relies on a combination of good old-fashioned tactics and sweat-inducing fear. 7/10 Bronze Award"

Louard's comments:
New and Noteworthy in Canadian App Store!
First challenge, for $5!! Post a screenshot of the pre-battle story intro featuring the dragon! First poster with the screenshot wins 5$ through PayPal!

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07-04-2013, 09:20 AM
WTC 3.1 is out, with a handful of fixes for hotseat skirmish (local player vs player) mode.
On sale for $1.99 now through July 4th weekend.
12-16-2014, 10:54 AM
World to Conquer 3.2

World to Conquer 3.2 is available now, with iPad improvements and iPhone 6/6+ support. The "Move Confirm" step now optional (off by default), which is great on the larger devices.

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