App description: RISK & REWARD COMBAT, utilizing 6 different damage types

Unlock skills by progressing through the tower, gaining XP and earning levels.
Pick a set of 3 Battle Abilities, select your weapons and armor and head into the tower to seek your fortune.
Strategize the most effective build, risk a lot and win big!


Face powerful enemies who will test your mettle.
Bide your time or swing big, to your utter destruction or victory.


Fuse an ordinary weapon to make it extraordinary.
Level your gear to its max and then fuse it to bring out its true potential.
Take your Common sword and turn it into one of the Ultimate Weapons using materials you discover in the tower.


Exchange friend codes with people you know playing the game, and form a team.
Earn gold and rewards as you and your friends level up!


Check back each day for different challenges and chest events
1000s of Unique Items to Collect
Find and Collect Dozens of Unique Character Avatars, each with their own Hero Abilities
Climb the tower and challenge the dragon!
Special events
Gain xp and level up to equip more powerful items
Monthly/weekly/daily dungeons
Try your luck with the ornate chest!

Note: Finders Keep is FREE to download and play. There are in-app purchases available. In-app purchases may be disabled within your system settings.

*A network connection is required to play.

PeteOzzy's comments:

12-23-2014, 07:29 AM
Dunno - what level are you? I've been having some great success with the 6* blue gear...tend to win all 5 most of the time, and just 4 out of 5 the rest.
When I've tried mixing up my gear, it does not go nearly as well.

Very interested when the arena is fully open, to see what it's going to be like.
01-03-2015, 08:56 PM
I just started this game so if anyone would like to add me I'd greatly appreciate it.

FR code: 133894GG

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