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[Free] Tiny Elementals

06-03-2014, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by cloudpuff View Post
To be honest, I think things like skip missions should be highly priced otherwise players will just skip though them all, it's having to skip a mission as a quest that puts me off, those 20k coins could be used towards something more useful in the game and should I want to skip a mission in future then I'll pay but that would have been my choice, if that makes sense.

One thing I def would have bought is a reasonably priced doubler, I always drop a couple of quid on doubters in these types. But as for pricing in general I dunno, I honestly have no answer for that, items need to be within grasp but not too easily acquired as I know you need to make money. I personally would just be happy to not have the skip mission as a mission, If this is one of the earlier ones I worry about what paywall I'll hit next. it's brilliant though that everything is cosmetic.

Ill Look through the games I have that is like this and pm you some of their pricings if you like?
Sure any help will be appreciate. We are working on price adjustments and any suggestions and help is welcomed.
Thank you

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