App description: Fed up with social media being shoved in your face?
Don't like freemium?
Want to play at your own pace?
Sounds like you'll want to give Chock A Block a try!

=== Reviews ===
TouchArcade: "...keep your eyes peeled if you're looking for a slick puzzler that you just... *gasp* Buy, download, and play."

CalmDownTom: 4.5 Blocks a chocked out of 5 "...And it's brilliant."

Chock A Block is a sliding block, colour matching puzzle game with an added twist!

Slide blocks around the arena and match 3 or more to combine them to create a new block. The more blocks you match in one move, the more points you get!

Diamond blocks are the ultimate prize, giving you different rewards depending on what mode you are playing.

Simply clear a board of all basic colours to move onto the next, getting bonus points for any black or diamond blocks left.


Local and Global high scores - no account needed!
Game Center leaderboards and achievements!
Tweet your high score - but only if you want to!
7 different game modes to suit your play style.

Game Modes:

Classic - See how far you can get with 10 lives, losing 1 life for each stranded block.
Beat The Clock - see how long you can last against the clock, picking up time bonuses as you go.
Zen - Play for as long as you like with no penalties.
Survival - Tackle a never-ending stream of rows of blocks and avoid them filling up a full column.
Challenge* - Invite your friends to beat your score on a particular board layout!
Colours - Match the blocks in colour order, losing a life for every out of order match.
Blocked - Try to keep the board from filling up as individual blocks spawn.

Game Center Challenges and Facebook Login and Sharing is planned and will be coming soon.

Claymore Brian's comments:

We're back, with a new, universal iOS game! (A special thanks goes out to members of the TA Forums who helped us test and make the game wonderful!).

The game is called Chock A Block (or CAB for short).

Chock A Block (CAB) is a sliding block, colour matching puzzle game. Spread over 5 different playing modes, your objective is to clear the board by matching and combining the coloured blocks.

Watch the game play trailer:

iTunes info:

There's also a free, ad supported version:

The game will officially be available tomorrow (30th May 2013).

I'm guessing the iTunes info won't show up until then. In the meantime, you can find out more about the game here:

However, we have a few promo codes to give away to you lovely people! Just reply here and we'll PM you one as soon as we remember to check back and see who's posted!

EDIT: Our first update (hopefully quite soon) will add Game Centre support (Leaderboards and possibly Challenges). As well as a few new game modes, for free!

EDIT 2: Our first update has just been submitted, so Game Center Leaderboards will be available soon! But don't worry, we'll be adding achievements next.
07-01-2013, 07:24 AM
CAB v1.2 - Game Center Achievements and more!

Hi folks. Just wanted to keep you up to date with what's happening with CAB.

Well, we're just putting the finishing touches to v1.2 of CAB, which adds Game Center Achievements and fixes a bunch of stuff. There's going to be 37 achievements!

We will have a slew of Promo codes available before and after the update goes live, so stay tuned if you'd like to get your hands on one!

Here's the full patch list (so far):

Game Center Achievements - 37 of them! Also...
- Button added to Social menu in Options to show Achievements popup.
- Button added to Social menu in Options to reset Achievements progress.

Further memory/graphics optimisations.
GC high scores no longer all highlighted if no score set for that mode.
Score now expands to show all digits when necessary.
Board / Row count resets properly on selecting "New Game" after Game Over.
Challenge mode tutorial now shows correct icons and no longer flashes up text on first load.
Added refresh button to challenge mode games list.
Added refresh button to high scores menu.
Auto-submit high scores option on Game Over menu.
Fixed occasional crash on loading high scores.
Fixed high scores loading freezing if you weren't logged in to Game Center.

Stats Changes (system has been rewritten to be more reliable):
- Timed and Challenge mode stats should now be recorded properly.
- Total bombs created is now tracked.
07-03-2013, 09:44 AM
Quick! Get on over to the promo code giveaway forum to get your hands on one of 15 codes we've just posted!
07-10-2013, 06:18 AM
I've just added 10 more codes to the Promo Codes thread - better be quick!
07-12-2013, 04:55 AM
v1.2 is out!

How are you all doing with the achievements so far?
10-04-2013, 10:16 AM
Hello all!

If anyone is still following this thread, I thought I'd do a little update.

I've just submitted a small update to Apple, which fixes ZEN mode and makes it playable again, sorry about that! I've also fixed logins for people who had logged out and were trying to login again, or perhaps logging in on a different device.

There have been a few minor cosmetic fixes too.

We're now looking at doing a bigger update and adding in two new game modes. However is there anything you'd like to see added or changed in the game? Perhaps you've got an idea for a game mode?

Let us know! We might just be able to give you what you want.

Also, finally. We're changing hosts for the scores and accounts server, so you might notice some service outage over the next few weeks. But don't worry, we'll keep on top of it!

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