iPhone: [Free] Neon Jumper !!!!

11-13-2013, 07:49 PM
[Free] Neon Jumper !!!!

[Free] Neon Jumper !!!!

### Neon Jumper ###

This will be a wonderful experience!
This is a very dynamic and addictive Game!

Swipe to jump the floors and slide forward!!
Avoid Rotating-Obstacles!
Acquire Items (the Stars, Shields, Lightnings and Batteries) to survive!

Charge the Battery of the Neon Jumper to increase the speed!
A scary Circular-Saw chases the Neon Jumper.
Neon Jumper must escape away from the scary Circular-Saw!

## Features ##

- Obstacles: Neon Circle, Neon Rectangle, Rotating Saw behind.
- Items to collect: Star, Shield, Lightning, Battery, Clock.
- Operation Mode: Swipe-Mode, Tap-Mode.
- Swipe Mode: Swipe Upward (Jump Up), Swipe Downward (Jump Down), Swipe sides (Slide).
- Tilt: Tilt right (Run Fast), Tile Left (Run Slow).
- Missions: Last Game Missions, Play-Modes Missions
* Star: Destroy all Obstacles.
* Battery: Charge the Neon Jumper's Power.
* Shield: Protect Neon Jumper from Obstacles.
* Lightning: Destroy some of the Obstacles.
* Clock: Make everything slow for seconds.


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