iPhone: Pocket God Ooga Jump: Episode 2: Does this megabyte make my app look fat?

11-04-2013, 05:18 PM
Pocket God Ooga Jump: Episode 2: Does this megabyte make my app look fat?

Yes Episode 2 is out only 4 days since the release of the app. And yes, I'm reusing the same name as the second episode of Pocket God because I just can't think of a more appropriate name.

So, lot of fireworks last thursday. Lots of feedback. The game is too big, the store is too expensive. Both of these issues are fixed in the latest update which is available now. Ooga Jump used to be 350mb now it clocks in at a waifish 59MB.

We also cut the prices in the store from 50% to 70%. The Gem doubler is down to $1.99 and the gem packs give you more gems.

For the content portion of this update we added a new skin. Nooby from the comic.

Nooby comes with a complete roster of animations. he has his own unique dance when you complete an objective rank and a unique sacrifice when using the ghost mode power-up.

So just to be clear. We hear your feedback and are working as hard and fast as we can to make improvements to the game. We are working hard to submit a new update Wednesday night that will include another new skin. I'm also looking to make some UI improvements like posting your objective list on the pause screen.

After the next update we will probably be settling into more of a weekly update schedule. Each update will include some content and some functionality addition. Not sure how long the weekly updates will last, Pocket God had 14 weekly updates in a row, I don't think we will make it that far but we will try our best.

Please let me know what you want to see.

New power-ups?
Different level's of difficulty?
Additions to Challenge Mode?
More objectives?

Speaking of challenges, does anyone use challenge mode? This is something I really want to improve but I'm waiting for the right time to get into it.

If you like the game, please spread the word and remember to rate the game. The app store rankings use ratings to calculate their rank now. Rating is the life blood for games and 5 stars really helps us get more visibility.

We really depend on you guys in order to keep doing cool stuff.


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You guys should make an ocean theme!
Agree! That would be AWESOME!