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Blaze & Graze: An endless runner like you've never seen before.

A brand new revamp of endless runner formula. Make your way through enemies instead of dodging zappers. Pick a loadout that suits you. Compete against your friends. Awe from hand-painted graphics and complete various challenges.

** The game includes meticulously detailed high-definition artwork and an original soundtrack.

** Blaze&Graze isn't a clone or a re-skin of another popular game, but is instead based on a brand-new gameplay mechanic that forces you to shoot first and consider evasive action later.

** this game is truly out-of-this-farm. The art style itself is something to behold, as it's obvious that a lot of talent went into it.
Such games are becoming scarce in the mobile gaming world.

** It's addictive, fun and overall a great game

Easy gameplay that is hard to master
Unique ingame upgrade mechanics
Deep item and loadout customization
Light hearted humor
Amazing HD art & Original Audio
Audio best experienced in headphones
Missions and achievements - there's always stuff to do
Full Gamecenter support
02-17-2014, 07:45 AM
Version 1.4 of the game includes new boss-waves, two new weapons, new backgrounds, and one new outfit. Oh, and Wyse Games has ironed out a few of the bugs of previous builds

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02-17-2014, 09:15 AM
Anyone have impressions of this game?
02-17-2014, 05:11 PM
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Game Impressions

Bought and must say, it's ok. It's a runner at heart, shooting is done via sliding your left finger up and down. Enemies are constant, coming via air and ground. Coins are gained via shooting balloons, and power ups are pretty fair, however temporary for the run.

Animations are great, gameplay pretty fun, sound is right for the game's premise.

Now the down sides, upgrades are pretty expensive, enemies (air) are pretty cheap, sometimes, just can't see them. One hit then run is over, this should be health based, not a one hit wonder. There are IAP's, coin doubler and coins. FB log in and like to get a character, why?

IMHO, wait, this is geared to F2P, not for the asking price of $1.99. The characteristics are Freemium and Devs should be ashamed for doing this for a paid game. Characters may not be needed to complete the game, but the whole set up looks like a freemium to me.

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