App description: AntiSquad Tactics is a single-player turn-based game. In its campaigns you can use all your tactical skills.
AntiSquad Tactics features cartoony graphics and charismatic characters, that won't let you getting untouched!

Everyone can find what he likes the most:
- Turn-based tactics
- More than 50 missions in different environments
- Dozens of abilities and weapons
- Various enemies
- Fascinating story
- Stunning visuals

AntiSquad Tactics gives you various missions, including infiltration, escape, elimination, assault, and a whole lot more! Sometimes it might even seem like theres no way out, but trust us, theres always a solution! A little bit of cunning is all you need to beat any foe, no matter what the restrictions are.

Of course, AntiSquad Tactics isn't just a lush, exciting action with lots of tactical options at your disposal! Its also a riveting story reminiscent of movies about spies, mercenaries, and heroic Special Forces squads.

Sure, your team consists the good guys, and you'll only be shooting bad guys. However, your characters are no angels too. They're rugged soldiers with their
own sense of justice. So you can forget about sneaking into an enemy camp with no casualties. Then again, maybe not

Are you ready for such adventure?


Old Updates:

Version 1.1:

* Added graphics quality settings to optimize the application for the less powerful devices. See it in the options menu
* Interactive tips for the items on missions were added
* The window about the award for the activity in social networks was improved

Version 1.2:

* The game, especially all new missions, has been optimized;
* A new mission was added to the second pack of missions;
* In the 'Credits' section you can find a link to our Youtube channel now;
* Information about the name and difficulty of the current mission has
been added into the pause menu;
* Now the enemy actively comments what is happening;
* The design of loading screens has been improved;
* Information about the required characters' level to use has been
added into the pop-up items' tips;

Version 1.3:

* The comics have been added to the game as introduction into the game;
* A new mission has been added into the second pack of missions;
* A button leading to items shop has been added to the window of unit's information which appears during the gameplay;
* A button opening the chest has been added to the window of unit's information which appears during the gameplay;
* The button opening chests has been removed from the shop in the main menu;
* Settings of quality have been adjusted;
* Memory usage has been optimized;

Version 1.4:

* New types of weapons have been added for all of the characters;
* The prices of various items have been adjusted downward;
* The complexity of the first missions of the first pack has been reduced;
* The appearance of several missions has been improved;
* The login process for the accounts of social networks has been optimized;
* The game interface has been optimized;

Version 1.6:

* The new ammunition has been added for all of the characters!
* New game ratings have been added.
* Five new missions have been added into the last pack of missions.
* The partial rebalancing of the game has been made.
* Some minor bugs have fixed.
* Some levels were improved and optimized.

PeteOzzy's comments:
Looks like the old version was pulled and has been replaced by a freemium game. Sorry guys.

07-30-2014, 06:44 PM
I won't discredit them too much since in the original thread, the dev updated the game based on feedback to make it more friendly. And Steam reviews were decent as well. However I'd take a guess and say that it wasn't generating enough money and based on how the appstore revolves around free games, that's what he had to do. I always blame 50% on people/the appstore. They all wanted 99 cents games then they all want free games. Probably could have kept the original on there but I can't really comment on that.

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08-26-2014, 09:47 AM
Antisquad Tactics on Google Play!!!

Antisquad Tactics on Google Play!!!

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