App description: "" Retro excellence; a highly accurate emulation of an iconic 70's game.""
Blast yourself back to the 70's and 80's! When games were simple but still very addictive. An accurate recreation of the VFD LSI game by CGL, Gakken, Tandy and other companies of that time. Fun for all ages with three difficulty levels. All those retro sounds and that vacuum fluorescent display are here. This was a classic and very popular toy back then. Now it is a rare and collectable item but YOU can own it right now!
*Screenshots show actual app in action and original artwork based on the original packaging. See how close to the real thing it is!
These types of machines were made by companies such as Grandstand, Tomy, Entex, CGL, Tandy, Bandai and Epoch to name but a few.

Accurate simulation of the classic handheld machine
Full retro sounds
3 difficulty levels
Simple and addictive
Totally nostalgic

1. Choose one of the playing speeds (1,2,3) slow to fast.
2. Switch on power.
3. Move the missile station lever from side to side and push missile fire button. (UFO; 10 points, Invaders;3/2/1 points).
4. Game ends when all stations are destroyed by invaders or when invaders capture G-zone and raise their hands in victory (maximum score; 199 points).
5. Before playing again, switch off power and choose playing speed.

If using with iCade or compatible controller, press the iCade button on top left and you can now use joystick and red fire(5) button.
NOTE: pressing this without connection to a compatible Bluetooth controller will bring up the keyboard. If this happens just press the button again to turn it off.

psj3809's comments:

This came out a few days ago. SO happy i found it.

Now to all the younger iOS players ! Dont mock this game so quickly. This was cutting edge in the late 70's/early 80's before home computers ruled the roost. My friend had Galaxy Invaders as a kid, these handheld games back then were amazing, drank batteries like anything but to a kid having the 'arcade' in the palm of your hand was amazing.

Imagine in 20 years time being able to have a copy of an old game you had as a kid on a new device ?

Thats one reason why all these years later i'm amazed at iOS devices and all the stunning games you can get SO cheap.

Anyway i must admit i wont play this for hours on end but for a nostalgic trip down memory lane its well worth picking up if people remember these old LCD type games. Works very well on ipad as well.
07-05-2013, 12:15 PM
Just bought this game as it dropped to a dollar. Beat levels 1 and 2 on my first go, and level 3 took about 10 minutes to max out.

I don't regret my purchase, for a dollar I got a nice nostalgia burst. I do think it's an app that you buy to evoke some memories or to show to your kids, as the actual game content is 10 minutes and done. I'd absolutely buy more of these, but as much as I loathe price discussions on TA I do feel that a one dollar nostalgia tour is a better deal than a two dollar one.

Good times. I remember a bunch of those Grandstand electronic games in the UK. I really hope more get made. The idea a couple of posts up about a compilation pack app is gold. Someone should get on that. Buying them one by one is a hard sell, they were REALLY basic games even back then. Slap 15 of them into an App for $4 and day one purchase.
07-10-2013, 12:31 PM
Well the 'sequel' was released, remember the yellow version of Galaxy Invader ? Galaxy Invader 1000 ?

I think this one is roughly the same but with a few tweaks and it doesnt stop when you reach a certain point. I've bought this for great nostalgic reasons.

As for the post above, i would LOVE a Grandstand app like that but i cant see it happening sadly, some of these old games just gather dust sadly. I hope by buying all this guys games he realises that its worth doing more and more

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