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Pocket Paradise Ultimate Soundscape Generator

05-18-2009, 04:15 AM
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Pocket Paradise Ultimate Soundscape Generator

Pocket Paradise - Ultimate Soundscape Generator is one of those undiscovered gems hidden away in the appstore.

We are a couple of guys that worked at Vivendi Games together and most recently doing Pleo the Dinosaur Robot.

For our first iPhone app, we decided to make an environmental beach simulator which we call Pocket Paradise. We've gone on to do iphone apps for Dreamworks and most recently Dennys, but I'm still in love with Pocket Paradise.

I will include a description of user experience below, Youtube and website link.Pocket Paradise is only 99 cents and is a very relaxing zehn-like experience. Please check it out.



The YouTube Video is here:


Here is a user-experience description:

When first launching Pocket Paradise you hear sounds of the beach as your world fades in and comes to life. I immediately see clouds moving with depth across the sky. I brush them with my finger and I hear and see the wind pick up. The palm trees begin swaying in the breeze, and I see the flames of my beach fire flicker with the wind. I explore the "sounds" button on the toolbar, and find I can add rain and rainbows, crickets, whales and a long list of other sea sounds and visuals. With the "time" button I switch to 10 PM and watch the moon move across the sky. Under "options" I notice I have the ability to speed up the rate of time and the moon travels faster. I add a lightening storm, and create bolts of lightening by touching the sky. When the storm blows over, I add some zehn-like whale watching music and watch for whales by moonlight. I advance the time to morning and find some music that you might do yoga to. Later in the day I set out a picnic and chair and turn on some vacation bossa-nova music. I finally end my day watching a sailboat on the horizon as the sun sets from the end of a small fishing dock. Definitely wear your headphones while enjoying Pocket Paradise - its a very soothing experience.
05-18-2009, 04:22 AM
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I love these kinds of apps. My fav is Ambience. Have high hopes. Thanks for the notice.

Not bad at all. I wish there were a few more environments, though. There's only one. But the graphics are really well done. And the sounds are spot-on. I love all the options. Really a great app for .99 cents. How about at least one more environment, though? What about a cityscape?

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05-18-2009, 07:00 AM
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I love this app! Bought it just after seeing the video

One thing missing though - it would be great if the sound could keep on playing if I lock the phone. Shouldn't be to hard to do, I've seen some really crappy app do that.

Still - I love this app!

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05-18-2009, 02:42 PM
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must say looks quite nice

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