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01-08-2013, 09:15 AM
yea having only 8gb on a 4th gen ipod is stressful...
hopefully i can upgrade sooner then later... anyway on topic internet required & heavy iap Zen 5 isnt gonna be something imake room for! have fun guys.
01-08-2013, 09:48 AM
Originally Posted by bramblett05 View Post
Well this might be 150mb at the most if not 200 but yea I might try a speed run and delete because this does look good graphic wise.
It's only 43.40mb (55.69 installed) for Android. Honestly, the only gripe I see people really having (outside of the normal iap rants) is the lack of cosmetics. Your helmet and armor wont change appearance whilst your weapons will. I don't think the 'iap for avatars' will sit well with anyone. The game is really good outside of that from my time with it. Looking forward to having it on a larger screen more than anything at this point.

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01-08-2013, 11:02 AM
IAP Breakdown (Android)...

Originally Posted by Hambo12 View Post
Tomorrow we see how IAP+ is really used.
For Android, the IAP is listed as followed:

- $0.99= 50 ZEN.
- $1.99= 105 ZEN (+5 Bonus).
- $4.99= 275 ZEN (+25 Bonus).
- $9.99= 600 ZEN (+100 Bonus).
- $29.99= 1950 ZEN (+450 Bonus).
- $49.99= 3750 ZEN (+1250 Bonus).
- $99.99= 8250 ZEN +3250 Bonus).

- $0.99= 50000 GOLD.
- $1.99= 120000 GOLD (+20000 Bonus).
- $4.99= 360000 GOLD (+100000 Bonus).

- 15 ZEN= Random Treasure Box (Refined item of same level Magic or Above quality).
- 75 ZEN= Advanced Random Treasure Box (3-7 Refined item of same level Epic of Above quality).
- 150 ZEN= Inferior Treasure Box [lvl 10](Blessing Full Set Weapon/Head/Chest).
- 200 ZEN= Intermediate Treasure Box [lvl 30](Glory Full Set Weapon/Head/Chest).
- 250 ZEN= Advanced Treasure Box [lvl 50](Mercenary Full Set Weapon/Head/Chest).
- 300 ZEN= Super Treasure Box [lvl 90](Warrior Full Set Weapon/Head/Chest).
* 250 ZEN= Newbie Package (20 Origin of Life, 10 Scanning Scrolls, 5 Random Treasure Box, 1-7 Slot Bag).

- 10 ZEN= x1 Origin of Life.
- 150 ZEN= x20 Origin of Life.
- 150 ZEN= x1 Skill Reset Magic Stone.
- 150 ZEN= x1 Stat Reset Magic Stone.
- 25 ZEN= x1 Awakening Stone (Selects Fairy's Attribute Rune/Skill Stone without the Sync gauge).
- 100 ZEN= Auto Loot (Fairy acquires items permanently).
- 100 ZEN= Advanced Refine Stone [Magic](100% success rate when refining an Magic item).
- 150 ZEN= Advanced Refine Stone [Rare](100% success rate when refining an Rare item).
- 200 ZEN= Advanced Refine Stone [Epic](100% success rate when refining an Epic item).
- 350 ZEN= Advanced Refine Stone [Unique](100% success rate when refining an Unique item).
- 400 ZEN= Advanced Refine Stone [Legend](100% success rate when refining an Legend item).

- 100 ZEN= Travel Bag (7 slot Inventory Expansion).
- 250 ZEN= Adventure Bag (28 slot Inventory Expansion).
- 100 ZEN= Bank Expansion (7 slot Bank Expansion).
- 250 ZEN= Bank Expansion (35 slot Bank Expansion).
- 50 ZEN= Portable Captain Kit [Permanent](Uses Smithy menu anywhere).


- 350 ZEN Avatar.
- 500 ZEN Avatar.
*Avatars change character(s) complete appearance as well as a slight bonus.

- 50 ZEN= x10 Scanning Scroll.
- 150 ZEN= x50 Scanning Scrolls.
- 100 ZEN= x1 Recovery Scroll.
- 100 ZEN= x1 Blessing Potion (50% temporary EXP increase).
- 50 ZEN= Magic Pickaxe (Permanent mining without decreasing durability).
- 25 ZEN= x1 Abyss Entry Ticket.
- 150 ZEN= x10 Abyss Entry Tickets.
- 500 ZEN= x50 Abyss Entry Tickets.

- Download & Run different Gamevil games to acquire ZEN (amounts vary).

Again, these items listed are for Android but I'm sure they'll be similar for iOS (if not the same). Don't flame too hard.

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01-08-2013, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by bramblett05 View Post
Wow that is pretty crappy amounts of zen
That's Gamevil for you. I have yet to purchase any IAP thus far because I plan on deleting it off my Android as soon as it's available for iOS; I then may look into IAP. The game itself is great I must say though. The painted backgrounds blend very well with all animation and everything feels fluid.

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01-16-2013, 08:55 PM
Zenonia 5 General Opinion

I don't usually go on these forums because I was on GAMEVIL's forums. Zenonia 5 itself is a very good RPG mobile phone wise. The gameplay is very rewarding and the new control systems and graphics are a plus. The drawbacks are the IAP, hackers and the trade system too. The story s-cks balls, but the bosses you fight provide a very good amount of difficulty. Especially for the last boss Salvatore. Your will to beat the game will depend on that boss fight. What's good is that you can get pretty much everything legit. The new raid mode coming may include zen rewards from this picture I found in the trailer :3 c: After beating the game, there is no hard mode. The game goes right to hell and boy it is hard lol. IAPs are worth it if you purchase any. Beat the game w/o any IAP c:
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06-05-2013, 11:49 AM

ZENONIA 5: Summer Fever is BACK!
Date: 6.5 8am - 6.18 11pm PST

Earn 100 PvP wins and reach 25F+ at the Abyss.
You'll receive an Advanced Treasure Box + 100 ZEN!!!

!Rewards will be distributed after 6.20 5pm PST.
!Please direct to Mailbox > READ to retrieve.
!Abnormal gameplay/activity? You won't receive the rewards.

A Hero Never Sleeps. Be Legendary!

Download it for FREE Here:
[iOS] http://bit.ly/zenonia5
[Android] http://bit.ly/ZEN5AD
06-17-2013, 04:39 PM
ZENONIA 5 iOS 1.0.6 Update LIVE!

Patch Notes:
- Added Language Options (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish, French)
- Passive Skill Max Increased to Level 15
- Minor Bug Fixes

A Hero Never Sleeps. Be Legendary!

Download it for FREE Here:
[iOS] http://bit.ly/zenonia5