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08-25-2013, 06:05 AM
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Originally Posted by xnvillage View Post
I'll improve drop rates, they are rather rare, but perhaps it would be better to just add a berry bush somewhere.
Definitely add a berry bush!

Some possible bugs:

1. I still haven't ever seen anyone drop a sage berry, though I'm up to Extreme now

2. Heroic and Legendary potions are worse than regular ones: they are not stronger (ie more hp) and they are not recognised as valid potions when smithing etc.

3. The village 1E/1 space right of the NW/top left corner seems bugged, there are "invisible" monsters in there

4. Mr Shadow doesn't drop a quest-item/Mr Shadow Cloth

5. The Desert Prince is bugged, you can't kill him or be killed by him (and thus you can't escape - you have to force quit then reload the game). If your save game is within that battle, you need to drop your weapons and make sure you get killed by an earlier enemy.

6. Can't see the point of a weapon with +fishing, since you have to de-equip it, how is it useful?

7. What governs what level you to have to be to wear various items? I can smith Turtle boots, for example, but I can't wear them.

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10-28-2013, 02:31 PM
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