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06-14-2014, 06:50 PM
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hi guys, would just like to tell you about the coin bug that hit me 3 days ago.

after watching a ton of adds to hit the 1000 video adds watched achievement i randomly clicked away about 800 coins (while watching a movie) when i hit zero coins i accidently clicked on "buy 2000 coins" and then went back and watched an add (this in a span of a few seconds) after watching the add i went from 0 coins to 851113 coins. i tried using the 13 coins to see if it would update the amount to the normal level, but it did nothing. i restarted the game and the phone. but i still got over 800k coins.
of cause this has triggered a massive amount of xp for me, (thought it took a bit of the fun out of the game, now im just waiting for new content, as i have done everything i can do atm)
but i do believe i am not the only one. the top 1 player right now is louise larsen with 192k points. she has gained over 150k points in the last 48 hours. i have gained 100k and that with "unlimited" gold.
so i guess i am not the only one who got hit with this "bug"

btw, i am other wise very impressed with the game, but i would like some more features! (does the second cocunut tree ever get to do something?)
-level 30 atm.

06-14-2014, 07:10 PM
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Eek! We'll certainly be investigating that one! Thanks for reporting.

Glad you're otherwise enjoying them, we are quite proud of this little range tbh. They get better as they went along.

The second tree does do something interesting. I guess there's a few more unlocks waiting for you yet. However the Goldrush and Fairground have increasingly more stuff going on. Fairground is wicked!
06-14-2014, 07:33 PM
Joined: Jun 2014
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you are welcome!
I am faily sure it wasn't supposed to happen! and i thought i better be a good player and report it (with the fear of having all the gold removed ofcause xD)

i am "only" level 30, so i know i have some things to unlock as of yet (:

will check out fairground and see how wicked it is (:
06-16-2014, 02:12 PM
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hi guys, i'm a little lost in the threads here (google my way in here last time)
i couldnt find the fairground coin falls thread. so will just post the bugs i found in here.

i checked out fairground as you offered, and found a few "glitches" after playing through 26 levels.

first. the ghost train and the exp coins can be hit with the coins you shoot out, and can get stuck on the back wall under the ducks (on the glass wall?) and will dissapear after roughtly 10 seconds. this happens quite often, and i think i have lost about 15-20 items this way.

second, the backwall is not completely "flat" and after a while you notice that the instant the coins hit the back wall, part of the coin get "behind' the curtain before it drops (about half the coin dissapears behind the curtain) its a slight visual bug that should be easy to fix (;

third, the game and the achievement's don't completely agree on when you achieve something.
the game notice popped up and said i earned the achivement "put in 10000 coins" but i had to shoot in 6-9 more coins before the game itself told me i got it, and awarded me with coins. there is a counter in there somewhere that is slighly off target.

fourtly. this isnt a bug, but more of a should-be-changed thing.
the ducks are WAY to easy to hit. if you just keep tapping and shooting, you will hit 17/20 ducks the first time around. the last 3 you will get on the second turn. there is nothing difficult in hitting them, as aiming isnt even required. you just have to keep tapping to hit them all.
my suggestion is to make the round "longer" =more space between the ducks. and up the ducks initial speed a few %. and the increased speed for hitting the ducks, up a tiny bit as well. (instead of hitting 17 ducks on the first go-round) it should be a challenge to hit all of them, instead of just something that happens by itself.

otherwise its a fenomenal game! keep it up guys!

EDIT: ohh forgot to say. at level 26 i got the information "the pinata donkey thingy is now harder to smash, but now gives more candy" or something like that. but it still only takes 1 coin to bring it down (though giving more candy as promised) you should probaly look at that (;

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06-16-2014, 02:27 PM
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You don't lose those coins, they're credited back to you.

The pinata thing you must be playing on Android? There is a bug in the physics engine with ropes that we're waiting on a fix for.

Other points well received, thanks.
06-16-2014, 02:41 PM
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you are welcome!
yes i am playing on a android phone (:
what coins are you referring too?
i dont seem to lose coins, only lose the "items" that the ghost train drops (that i hit and fly over to the ducks)
06-16-2014, 04:30 PM
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Misread that, sorry. Yes you might be able to hit them out the park if you're not watching. You get a coin back for each one.