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08-08-2014, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by QUIMDUNG View Post
To all the folks saying the game has too much guessing: it's a roguelike. In roguelikes, you're supposed to hit monsters and in turn be hit back. You take damage on the regular.

In Cavesweeper, when you guess incorrectly, you take damage. You need to strategize, to have good equipment, and to use your potions. It's not like Minesweeper where your objective is to NEVER guess wrong. In Minesweeper, guessing wrong once means game over. That isn't the case in CS, because you have Hit Points.

I definitely do hear the suggestion that perhaps the colors could've been 'grouped' together more, and I value all feedback.

Thanks for playing everyone!

Also, if anyone cares, I did a video interview with the artist, Dan Dussault (he is super talented)

The artwork is good, but it would be far better at native res on my old iPad 2, it must really suck on retina.
But I love this game...group colors a little more on higher difficulty levels and rebalance by reducing life regeneration from items and this will be excellent.
08-16-2014, 01:22 AM
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I'm loving this. Roleki's last paragraph immediately above does a good job summarizing my suggestions. Once you're into the later stages with four colors, it only takes two hits to kill you, which is just too quick given the guesswork involved at that point and how few potions you have by then.

Also, maybe enable the Reveal skill to be upgraded such that more than one block is revealed? Maybe max three, otherwise it's too much.