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Jewel Invasion for iPhone - Puzzle Game - Redeem 50 Free Promo Codes

05-15-2014, 12:52 AM
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Jewel Invasion for iPhone - Puzzle Game - Redeem 50 Free Promo Codes

Hello All,

Jewel Invasion for iPhone just released! Promo Codes below!

Jewel invasion is one of the best matching Puzzle game on AppStore...Its really having interesting and attractive features..If you want to play a real fun game then Jewel invasion is a best option for everyone..

The real wondrous game play makes you feel affluent interest on Game...Graphics are awesome with real sound effects..

50 Free Promo Codes Available, If you get a code, please leave your message,

1. http://redeem-now.com/632594339e7d
2. http://redeem-now.com/719cca6c4827
3. http://redeem-now.com/464a7c0ff73e
4. http://redeem-now.com/9fb5ff0493cd
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Hope you'll enjoy playing the game

05-15-2014, 07:22 AM
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I took a code and I thank you.
Unfortunately, I didn't realize this is the same dev that uses adds in everything including PAID apps.
This jewel game would be one of my favorites if it wasn't riddled with so many disgusting ads. There are moving ads even while you are playing!
If I paid for this app, and I could have because I have paid for this type of game before, I would have demanded an immediate refund for being cheated.

You're apps are good. You are very talented and creative. I don't understand why you have to cheat people on paid apps. It is unfortunate. I have almost purchased your truck apps for children. I'm sure you can understand how terrible it would be for kids to have ads in their apps. Are you seriously ok with purchasing an app for yourself with this many ads?
Seriously, I would purchase some of your apps with real money if there were NO ads. I know a lot of people would because they're good. With so many ads, the paid app becomes less then standard.
I hope you read this because I know most people agree with me.
05-16-2014, 01:31 AM
Joined: Nov 2010
Posts: 429
Jewel Invasion Unused Codes Available For iPhone On AppStore

Hello Gamers,

Thank you for downloading Jewel Invasion for iPhone...We are very much appreciated for your feedback..

Here there are unused promo Codes are available from current set on AppStore..

Enjoy!!! this weekend with Jewel Invasion

ScreenShot For Jewel Invasion:

Grab the promo Codes for free download...

1. http://redeem-now.com/464a7c0ff73e
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3. http://redeem-now.com/5b674f21645c
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Please Mention Ratings and Reviews For this Game..

Thank You So much for your Kind Support..

Relish the Game...