App description: You awaken alone in a dungeon: you don't know how you got there, and you don't know how to get out. As you explore DEATH TOWER, you gain new party members, but they don't know anything either... or do they?

A surreal and paranoid story guides you through one of the deepest and most difficult dungeon RPGs ever made for iOS.

18 playable characters, 9 classes, over 50 abilities, 45 artifacts, 128 unique monsters, and 130 levels means this game will keep you busy for some time.

It begins easy, but soon you'll need all of your resources and wits to survive each Chamber of DEATH TOWER. Discover new artifacts and new characters to add to your party. You can only bring 4 characters into each level, so choose carefully: who needs experience, but who is necessary to get the job done?

There is no permadeath, but if a character dies, you can't use that character until you beat a level. Run out of playable characters, and you'll be sent back to a prior checkpoint with all of your experience and artifacts intact.

Can you make it to the end and discover the secret of DEATH TOWER? Or will you and your friends be trapped forever?

*Great little SRPG For anyone who knows what SRPG means :) 5/5
*Absolutely stellar! Nothing beats an old school dungeon crawler! Keep it up! Thank you for a great game! 5/5
*Fun and simple, but requires strategy or you will die. It's really fun and I love the pixel art and ease of play. Leveling up is easy to understand and the enemies are actually pretty smart! Great, simplistic fun. Thanks devs! 5/5
12-18-2013, 06:03 PM
Downloading the update now. See there's a minor issue with one move at a time. Couldn't a person play run away for eternity? If we get to move once or attack every time in move someone to a bad guy can't he just run away over and over?

Darn, that's the second time it's popped up and said I can't download the update. I'm going to have to reboot and retry lol

How's it going btw?

Edit: got the update to work! K I totally misunderstood what you meant by movement then because I can still run and attack ppl. What did I misunderstand??? The new updates are pretty cool. The dungeon layout is sweet now that your on your toes an I enjoy the artifact upgrade system. I have lots of artifacts I don't use. Are you going to add some thing where you can use the lower level artifacts for something too? Maybe like five of them can be boiled down for an upgrade for a higher level? Just wondering cause of my collection lolol. Thanks much! Keep up the good work. It's very slick, I like it lots

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12-30-2013, 09:58 AM
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Hey Mike, sorry for such a long delay here, you know, the holidays.

No plans at present to allow dis-assembly of lower level artifacts with undesired abilities. I will accept proposals on this matter though if anybody has ideas.

One of the differences between [REDACTED] and Death Tower is that in [REDACTED] characters will be able to carry 2 artifacts (or, the equivalent of what are called "Artifacts" in Death Tower) into the level, meaning that artifacts are much less disposable in [REDACTED] as they are in Death Tower. In general I am trying to use Death Tower as a design testbed for [REDACTED] and don't want to add any design elements to Death Tower that won't be in [REDACTED].

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