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Clapp - Teaching & Learning Anywhere, Anytime

08-19-2017, 11:39 AM
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Clapp - Teaching & Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Learning has evolved in today’s world, and that’s why we must too.

It’s multi-faceted, needs multi-directional approach, and mandates the involvement of multiple actors in tandem with multiple virtual classroom tools.

Clapp is anything you need it to be:
• a virtual classroom
• a discussion forum
• a study group app
• a productivity app
• a gradebook
• a whiteboard app
• an educational app for teachers and students

Enhance communication with teachers, improve collaboration with peers, strengthen knowledge with self-made videos, seamlessly incorporate material and content from the vast Internet, improve productivity with virtual classrooms tools and stay in touch with your learning experience any day, every day. A teacher’s whiteboard app with virtual classroom tools to create an educational app for learning by learning.

It’s a Learning Management System. Connect the dots in your education today.

Wield a virtual, interactive teacher’s whiteboard app to capture ideas and bring content to life. Create, animate, annotate – access a host of exciting features to create top quality slides with virtual classroom tools.

Teachers can manage their world of digital content and students’ study group apps through an efficient yet user-friendly interface. Personalized analysis and trend identification aided by customized software to create an educational app for teachers and students.

Effective communication channels through group discussions with peers and personal chats with teachers as a study group app to exercise focus on individual development. Work with others to build and share your library of knowledge in the virtual classroom.

Teachers have sole rights over content. They choose to share with whom and for how long. It’s the perfect study group to collaborate in the teacher’s whiteboard app. Automatic conversion of lessons to MP4 format, ready for you to share through other media. Safe, secure and backed up virtual classroom tools and files through cloud computing all part of Clapp’s drive to deliver the perfect educational app to reinforce learning through a study group application.

Work on Clapp is not even mandated by a working internet connection, except during syncing processes. Expounds the idea that it really always is the right time to learn. A great teacher’s whiteboard app and students’ educational app.

1. Record audio and video to create unique lessons that capture scribbles and drawings with the teacher’s whiteboard app.
2. Call upon diagrams, pictures from the web, shapes and fonts to make your work stand out with virtual classroom tools.
3. Save a draft to continue work in progress at a later time.
4. Create and manage classes. With assignments, announcements, discussions and grades, the traditional classroom has now turned digital into an educational app for teachers too.
5. Back up all your work with Amazon Cloud Services to keep content safe and secure.
6. Control who can see what, and for how long.
7. Share your work in MP4 format aided by automatic conversion. Work with others in the intuitive study group application.


1. Create unlimited lessons with
• Advanced video creating features by selecting custom maps and shapes and by importing PDF pages with virtual whiteboard tools.
• Extra video editing tools to fine-tune content on the teacher’s whiteboard app. Re-record, remove or dub existing audio to improve quality.
2. Sufficient storage space to store all your content, safe and secure.
3. Create unlimited classes to categorically collaborate with fellow instructors and all your students in a study group app.
5. Advanced lesson editing tools to fine-tune your video content. Perfection becomes just that much easier with virtual whiteboard tools.