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My Team Values Team building

09-05-2017, 06:47 AM
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My Team Values Team building

Forget about those expensive collaboration tools and try the innovative team building app My Team Values. With its tested, one-of-a-kind features and method, it will take your teamwork skills to a whole other level! Go through the unique process of testing and get an assessment report with the parts of your personality you need to work in order to become a better team player.

Nowadays it is a well-accepted notion that giving the team collaboration software is enough to achieve better productivity and team chemistry. However, many examples have shown that just giving a team new innovative technology is not going to ensure that they will work together more effectively. In order to do so, they have to want to work together better before the new technology can really help make a difference. My Team Values is not a collaborative platform, instead it offers multiple ways to improve team work.

As a teamwork application that tends to improve the teambuilding and teamwork skills, My Team Values offers a unique system. This app helps users to clarify, confirm and communicate your personal values - and possible ways to satisfy them better - within the context of being a member of any specific team.

You'll find ways to better manage and improve the team-related experiences in your life. It’s indeed a great teamwork tool.

Think about it, just because you can download this innovative app doesn’t mean you will download it.

And even if someone puts it onto your mobile device for you, that doesn’t mean you’re going to use it.

But using it, you can make really good changes in how you collaborate with a team. The app can help you and your team mates collaborate more effectively. Only when you know why people want to work together can you choose the right tools to help them do so. So don’t waste your time, money and energy on clever collaboration tools until after you know more about what makes you and your team mates tick as members of your team.

- Each team member/user needs to create an account and determine at least 1 teamwork value

- Once determined, each team member’s values are considered within context of the team’s current situations; for example, what needs improving and possible ways to address this

- the app will generate a report for each team member at the end with all those values, thoughts and ways to improve them

- the report will be received in a .pdf format which is printable and can be kept as a document.

For any company that has a team. The team work and the teambuilding activities are what creates the foundation for achieving the end result of any project. Thus, the members who would like to meet/exceed their personal satisfaction criteria for teamworking are the core target group for using this app. It can really upgrade their teamworking skills and using My Team Values can be one of the best new team building activities and tools in your company.