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You can get Vik's army to fight the goblin army at the gates - by saving the prisoner in the Red Eye jail. If you save him, you'll run into him as a guard with Vik's army by the gates (past Lorag's shrine.)

The werewolf tackles you, and if you don't struggle but talk with guard, you'll discover it's the former Red Eye prisoner. Tell him that the Goblin army is getting ready to attack and he'll run off to tell Vik. Continue to the gates and all the fun with the goblins and their king. During the invasion of the marsh goblins, Vik and his werewolf army will show up and start battling all the goblins with you. You'll still end up destroying all the goblins at the end, but with the bonus of knowing Vik does have the city's best interests at heart.
Hey, I tried this different ways and didn't get such an option. This Elvin just asks why I am heading the North Gate and then disappears. And yes, I was at the sewers and know about goblins invasion.
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I was wondering, does Sorcery 1 and 2 offer high replay value? I just bought 80 days, have played it six times and there are still many cities that I have not visited yet. Do Sorcery games also allow multiple path like 80 days?

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Does your reduced maximum HP from repeatedly traveling back carry over to sorcery 3?

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Found a bug.

The goblin Canzax? will keep on giving you 6 gold if you go and talk to him again about the information. You can keep going up the road and back down to get to him. I currently have 400 gold from this(without reversing time) and I'm gonna see if 999 is the max.
Anyone knows where this goblin is?
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Pirate ship

Reading through this ... no one's made Captain Toulas (spelling)? That is, the beggar at the start of the game captain of his very own pirate ship?

Get the good captain into town when you first visit.

On your second night in town, choose to sleep on the docks instead of one of the inns and arrange to get yourself caught. Get thrown into the hold of the ship. Instead of doing anything intelligent, wait until a werewolf is lowered into the hold in a cage. Take any opportunity you can to cast a shield spell , to minimize your stamina loss, then pitch in!

This is a tough fight -- the hardest of the game , I believe. The werewolf will crouch in its armor and cannot be damaged so long as it is defending -- to damage it, you must bait it into attacking, then overpower it. If you don't use the shield the werewolf will ALWAYS take 4 HP off of you , even if you are defending. Nonetheless, it can be won.

Kill the werewolf and lead a few hundred raving mad slaves out of the hold in search of vengeance! Join the fight, use dum to disarm a slaver, then pitch him into the water for a swim. Do NOT kill him or Courga will, again, have nothing to do with you. Courga evidently believes it is unsporting to stab an unarmed man. What a high-maintenance spiritual guardian he is.

Now that the ship is yours, resist the temptation to take command yourself , say farewell to the newly minted Captain Toulas, dive into the river, and swim to the eastern shore. This will destroy your paper (save your spellbook) and provisions , but you can buy more food and you don't need paper anyway, not if you got Moulas' verse from the shrine.

So, yes, it is possible to make the beggar you meet at the beginning of the game the captain of a pirate ship. It is , in fact, so noted in the epilogue when you finish the game. I wonder if that will come in handy in book 3 or 4 ...?


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Yea!! According to Inkle's Twitter feed, Sorcery 3 launches April 16!!
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Does your reduced maximum HP from repeatedly traveling back carry over to sorcery 3?

It does carry over, but there are ways to restore it.