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Any moderately successful developers?

04-01-2013, 09:22 PM
I think I would fall into the category of moderately successful.

My first game "Ninja Penguin Rampage" - which I programmed and created the art for probably only made me $3k since I released it with Clickgamer over 3 years ago. The publisher basically didn't do anything for this game accept have it on their website so not much help in that regard. It also is a bit amateurish in regards to art since I am programmer not illustrator.

My second game "Deadlock: Online" has made me over $100k since its been out and has been downloaded (paid and unpaid) over a million times. I developed the game on my own and outsourced the art very cheaply (under $6k). I can honestly relate the success of this game directly to Crescent Moons involvement. Having their name behind the game has really kept a solid user base in the game, and still to this day it makes anywhere from $70-120 a day. Apple also featured it in the New and Noteworthy section its first week.

The 3rd game I was involved with is "Free 2 Die" which has done alright since its release. It hasn't done nearly as well as Deadlock and its popularity has dropped off very significantly since its release. I was only the programmer for this game, but was involved with all of the aspects of development.

Basically I have earned enough doing game development to work only part time doing freelance work and the rest of my income comes monthly from my games on the market. (and if I didn't gamble or play poker I probably wouldn't have to do freelance at all)

My advice to anyone is to get someone well known behind the game (ie. Publisher) and make sure the game gets out there to news outlets and Apple. If you try to self publish a game it appears to be a huge crapshoot, with Apple reserving most of the spots on new and noteworthy, and editors choice for games submitted to them by Publishers who they have good relationships with.

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04-01-2013, 09:56 PM
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one of the initiatives i like about BlackBerry 10 is that you can submit your application for certification "Built for BlackBerry". it puts your apps/games through some serious testing and if you obtain this - this is what warrants a position in the high level spots in the application world. not some private opinion or money relationship with publishers.. maybe apple could learn from this?

PS: my own games do ok; but i wouldn't quit my day job just yet

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04-02-2013, 09:44 PM
Originally Posted by Silvanis View Post
I would love to get some contract work, however I don't know where to look.
Good places to look would probably be different depending on your skill set. FWIW, what we do in particular is we work with interactive agencies and make apps to specification. Our company founders put their name on the map with a free app that got some local coverage, which got their phones ringing. These agencies have lots of clients, so we tend to get more than one project from each.

Your situation and market conditions will obviously vary, but maybe freelance work might open some doors. I might not be the best one to ask. Cold calling? Networking? Online freelance communities? Linkedin? Craigslist? I suspect your guess is as good as mine. Good luck.

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