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Originally Posted by Youtopia View Post
The most interesting thing I got from those links is, without a doubt, this:

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Goin for 3000 now. No end in site!
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Originally Posted by Ariectus View Post
I am blown away by this game, the ad placement, visuals, soaring soundtrack, and the gameplay, oh don't get me started on the gameplay, all of it just comes together and just... well, lets put it this way, no other game in my 24 years on this earth has ever spoken straight to my heart, nay, my soul, like this game here.

The language barrier adds a sense of mystery to the whole thing, what do these characters even mean, is it truly cannibalism we're witnessing or is it an uprising of titans?

What does this character, ever evolving and changing, putting the bodies of his fellows inside himself, what does this character say to you, I ask?

The raw power of the human capacity for love is very clearly shining through in this piece of true art.
This man speakths the truth!
02-17-2014, 11:05 AM
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Dat song.