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iPhone: Pacific Fleet v2.0 Now Available

11-15-2013, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by currymutton View Post
Need to restart playing to write a proper review....
Good hunting!
Version 2.0 is essentially a whole new game with a lot more depth and functionality than the initial release.

Let us know if you have any questions or wish to discuss any design aspects of the game as we went to a lot of effort to make something which we think is pretty unique on the App Store. We're very pleased with the way the game has evolved.

At this stage we're working on an Android release as well as a whole new sequel title built upon Pacific Fleet.
01-19-2014, 08:18 AM
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Impressions and tips

Pacific Fleet is a naval battle game set in World War 2 era. You control up to 3 ships of different classes to fight against Imperial Japanese Navy as US Pacific Fleet, or vice versa. I am going to focus on what version 2.x offers.

Bear in mind: this is not a sim, and I am not reviewing it as such. If you are looking for something like "Great Naval Battles of WW2", i think you should looks elsewhere.

I have huge fun playing this game (sinking other people's ship is one of my favorite past-times) up to the point where I stayed up all night to complete the US side missions. There are only a handful of games which have this honour and this is my first iOS game I choose finishing it over sleep.

The version 2.0 is a total revamp in terms of graphics (I guess that is one of the main reasons the app marks up from US$0.99 to 5.99). The ships are 3d modles and are incredibly detailed: you see turrets, masts, airplanes stationed. The main guns rotate to the direction of your order. The ship burns, explodes, tilts when they are damaged (there is no visible damage marks though). The attention to details is not limited to the surface: when a ship sinks, you can find the rudder and screws beneath. There are more than one way to see a ship sleeping with the fishes, but I wish to have a ship breaking up into 2 halves included. Anyway, you will not be too miserable to see you ship go...Although the environment is mostly water, the sea itslef is animated, bot does not cause you sea sick. The ambient light is very nicely done: sunrise/set, overcast, sunny and starry night. Combining with multple, free-flowing camera views giving you the immersion of " being there".

Another major improvement of version 2 is you can maneuvers you ships around, just like what ships actually do (the old linear back and forth mode is still available as an option). This mode is more fun and makes you consider moving the ships around to the advantageous position and avoid getting hit.

The naval air power plays considerable more important role in the new version. If your little fleet has a CV, You can send a bomber, either carry a torpedo or an iron bomb, to attack a ship, one plane at a time. And unlike guns and ship-launched torpedoes, there is no limit of how far your plane can reach, and you can adjust the approach angle to your advantage, and this is what makes naval aircraft power mainstay similar to its historical counterpart.

To those who see IAP as devlls would be happy to learn there is no grinding and no real-world cash offer to purchase in-game currency. You finish a mission with star, you get the cash to buy upgrades or bigger ships. If you finish the same mission with the same score, you do not get extra cash.

There are quite a few glitches I would like to see this fun game improved:

First the missions are rather plain -- you either sink the enemy ships (up to 3) or bomb specfic targets on a island. Each mission is just a variation of what ships/base you have to kill and the time of the day (no air operation at night). I do not mind going up against more than 3 enemy ships at the same time: say I am running a squadron of subs agains enemy convey using wolf-pack tactics. Or I am providing fire support on island landing together (with friendly fire) and sudden arrival of enemy ship.

In island bombing mission, you get to know exactly which targets to attack by clicking anywhere on the island. But this also means there is no way to obtain radar-assisted ranging information on target, nor setting exact spot for air attack.

Another funny thing about island missions -- there are a couple of missions featuring islands with bunkers and shore guns only (just like in the opening of the movie Saving Private Ryan). When the enemy hits back, dive bombers are sent in! I do not mind historical inaccurracies, but this is not logical.

Unlike historical designs, smaller ships like destroyers and light crusiers do not travel faster in game than the bigger ships. So I guess it is the reason why when late in the game, the AI does not attempt to penetratte your barrage and attempt to torpedo your ship in close range, nor they stick close to valuable, and vunlerable big ships (especially CVA) to provide AA support. It is a waste to put them in.

I read somewhere that ship does not use all the turrets onto one target but instead, one turret is assigned to one enemy ship, I wish I can choose one turret for each target.

This is not a action-puzzle kind of game. If WW2-style naval combat action game is your cup, I strong recommend this game.


1. The starting positions of both you and enemy ships are random. Especially in the early missions when your ship is slow, if you find that it is impossible to catch up with the enemy due to unfavorable position, try to disengage and replay the mission again until the wind blows to your favor.

2. All mission awards money when you score at least one star and allow you to move on to the next mission. So if you find a mission too difficult or you find your fleet undergunned. Try to finish the mission with a least one star (you will need to replay a few times) first. Once you gain the enough cash to improve your fleet, you can return to the mission later on.

3. To play torpedo in US fleet, getting the improved version should be at the top of your purchase list (for submarine and torpedo bombers)

4. RADAR should always be your first thing to get for gun-totting ships. (I never use guns on CVE and CVA and it seems RADAR is useless in AA) I am not sure what "common shell" actually is, I only know they are up against unarmoured ships just fine. So AP shell should be your mainstay for most of the game and get it early on. Do not waste your money on HE and star shells.

5. Look where your ship is turning. If your bigger ship runs into a smaller ship of your side, the smaller ship sinks immediately.

6. Also, plan your route of air attack carefully. If your flight path is close to another enemy en route, the extra AA fire can force your attack abandoned. Also, try not to have the flight path running into any ship sinking, it looks very bad cause the plane will crash when hitting the sinking ship.

7. As for attack run direction, torpedo run is most effective when attacking from port or starboard side where the target is at widest and the effect of the torpedo not running straight is minimal.

8. As for dive bombing, align to direction with the length of the target (i.e. from bow or stern). when the ship body / target structure, passes the after part of the wing root, tap to cause the plane to go nto dive, count about 4 seconds and tap again to release the bomb and it is quite a certain hit. I find dive bombing much easier to execute but less effective than torpedo.

9. Unlike other gun-totting ships which can fight back at full strength till their last breath (I learn this may change later), flat tops are very vunlearble and they cannot launch any plane if they are hit bad enough. (When you see a flat top suddenly has no plane on deck, it cannot launch any plane in that round) So, if you are up against one or more CV, you must disable their air power as your first priority. The CV may not need to be sunk in the first place as long as planes are unable to launch, it is then a good idea to concentrate on other ships with big guns.

10. In the same vien, do not get your own CV exposed to unnecessary enemy attention. Run away, buy improved AA, get close to other ships of your same fleet are the options you can choose.

11. Succesful disengaged enemy ships cause you to lose your hard-earned money. There are 2 rounds before a ship disappears. If sinking is not possible at such a short notice, slowing them down is your best option and it is best done by sending it torpedoes.

12. If you find a high pirority target gets out of gun range (i.e. the gun elevation > 45 degrees), you may wish to test your luck and send salovs at it anyway. Cause you still may get a hit.

13. Remove all the flat tops from your selected fleet if the mission is during night time (ship symbols are in dark grey). All flights are suspened at night so your flat top is nothing but an oversized destroyer.

P.S. I never use atomic bombs and other fancy projects like suicide planes so I cannot comment.

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