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NEUROKULT is an arcade touch em up that requires quick reactions and intuition. The thrilling and absorbing gameplay constantly challenges your ability to stay focused and act instinctively.



"It is, in short, pretty damn good" - Pocketgamer

"The game really is a masterpiece." - TouchTapPlay, 9/10

"Neurokult is fun challenging game that' s worth your time" - Indie Game Enthusiast

"If you can overcome the learning curve, Neurokult's fantastic riff on the match-three genre will have your neurones fizzing like a Mentos-powered soda rocket." - Appspy, 5/5


The game, set in a cyberpunk universe, comes with handcrafted effects and a unique tailor-made minimal electronic soundtrack which result in an immersive audio-visual journey.

NEUROKULT can be described as a child of REZ and Polara mixed with a fast-paced Bejeweled. The gameplay-mechanic is perfectly adapted to touch devices. You are a voyager immerging into an uncharted neurospace. On your journey you are confronted with defense mechanisms, neurobombs and nerve-racking boss battles that vary in every stage. The constantly changing patterns and gameplay variations force you to adapt your strategy and improve your reactions permanently.

Exclusive for iOS devices
No further In App Purchases. This game is about your skills, not your wallet
Fast-paced audio-visual gameplay
Sixteen varying stages to learn and master
Five cinematic storyline panels
Five nerve-racking boss fights
Tailor-made minimal electronic soundtrack by mekoor
Unlockable endless mode
Gamecenter achievements and leaderboards

WoodlandBarbarian's comments:
Indie Arcade Touch 'Em Up NEUROKULT hits the Appstore

Launch Trailer

Youtube link | Pop Up


"It is, in short, pretty damn good." - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer

About Neurokult

Soundtrack by Mekoor available via Bandcamp

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10-17-2013, 03:27 PM
One more thing:

We just unlocked the achievement
"Get the Editor-In-Chief for IndieGames to install your game and get it crashing at the first loading screen."


If anybody is experiencing the same, please stand up. If you have a device wit iOS 5.1.1 (iPad 2 in particular) maybe stay away from purchasing Neurokult until we have this figured out. Or be our personal hero by installing it and giving us a shout if its crashing too...

Special thanks to apple for not letting me downgrade my iPad
10-17-2013, 03:29 PM
Originally Posted by WoodlandBarbarian View Post
Thanks for your feedback!

Just a few days before submitting Neurokult to Apple, we had the chance to have Vlambeer's Rami play the game. His overall opinion was very positive - the only point of critique was, that clearing the orbs wasn't satisfying enough

In my opinion, this is not the only place where some sound effects could do well. Especially because our sound designer, Bjrn Weirup did an awesome job, creating all effects from scratch.

This said, enhanced sound effects are in work and definitely part of a first update!
Yeah, some more exploding sounds would be a good addition to this game. Look forward to it.

10-17-2013, 08:35 PM
I purchased this early this morning and I love the bright graphics and the challenge of eh game itself. It does get very hectic at times, but it just helps you master the fundamentals which you need to get to the next stage of the game. Adding the background "noise" as mentioned earlier will only make this game better. This is a must for multi-tasking match game lovers.... Awesome job dev for making something different and exciting for a good price.....
10-21-2013, 11:05 AM
Here is a video/review from appspy that shows perfectly what Neurokult is about.

Youtube link | Pop Up

And here is the article... 5 out of 5

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10-21-2013, 06:22 PM
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Bloody hell...congrats!

Gotta ask before buying (sorry dudes, I know this is getting tedious): Any chance this'll ever come to Android. The app description makes me think otherwise.

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10-22-2013, 10:53 AM
Hey there,

to be honest, right now we have no clue

It was definitely planned once, but we have to wait for more feedback and sales numbers to get in a better position for the decision where we should/want/have to invest more time.
03-09-2014, 07:38 PM
Man, this game seems pretty sadly overlooked. If you like twitchy arcade games, you'll like Neurokult
06-17-2014, 11:44 AM
Hello there, Neurokult is 50% the price at 99 cent for one week starting today. Thanks for the good words back then!

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