App description: Choose what to do each day and escape before your city is wiped out. Train skills, find gear, improve your home, explore the city, find pets, make hundreds of tough life and death decisions, and kill zombies.

Overlive is a highly rated game that plays like a choose your path interactive story, with RPG elements and combat. Check out reviews and features below.


One of the things I really love about this game is just how much stuff there is to find. There are lots of little surprises and finding certain items that might seem unimportant at the time can really help you out in unexpected ways in the future.

Finding each of the endings is a good challenge that will keep even veterans of the genre busy for a while, and the frankly massive amount of events means even after finding all the endings, there will still probably be undiscovered nooks and crannies.

If you're into adventure games or choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks, you'll want to give this one a look.

4/5 TouchArcade

Probably the best thing about Overlive is its ability to actually build a world and add consequences to random exploration. The game doesn't depend completely on the player to discover and create narrative, but also allows for them to make decisions and impact the game world. This transforms the game beyond being a series of minigames with some narrative elements to a game that has players question whether a completionist attitude is really worth having in world ravaged by zombies.
Overlive is definitely a refreshing title that manages to stand out among the endless waves of other zombie games on the App Store.

- 4/5 148Apps


+ Survive the zombie apocalypse and escape your zombie infested city before time runs out!

+ Make 100s of tough decisions that may come back to haunt you in this choose your path style interactive story.

+ Shoot and cut zombies, bosses, and other threats with melee, guns, and explosives!

+ Overcome 1000s of unique challenges by training 9 skills; be a stealthy computer hacker or a guns blazing pyromaniac you decide!

+ Explore 18 infested city locations to find other survivors, new weapons and gear, and upgrades for your home!

+ Find one of the 8 endings and achieve the best possible score grade based on your conduct can you survive without becoming evil?

+ This version is 100% ads-free!

+ This version has NO in-app purchases, everything comes 100% UNLOCKED upfront!

PeteOzzy's comments:

12-28-2014, 06:27 PM
Originally Posted by Flamers View Post
I really late in finding this great game. -_-!
But well, I enjoyed it much, got 6 endings on my 2nd day playing,
Agreed in the need of harder modes and death penalty,

Well this is my playstyle, be a gunner, never let supply to 0 point, I prever gun than shotguns untill I got the assault rifle *spoiler warning* early in the hospital, always use the latest melee weap, train all to 40-60 At the 1st quarter of game and max em out later after got better training facilities, there on I passd almost all events and got most of the endings...

to be honest I need more challenge, the ultimate boss behemoth didnt even had a chance to get into my katana range

I,m trying to get my last 2 endings now, goodluck on developing overlive 2
You definitely mastered the game if you found all endings. Looks like you found a good strategy through.

I'm putting together a big update for Overlive 1 now. Overlive 2 I would love to start in the next couple months. Maybe I'll sneak a hard mode for extra score or special encounters. Thanks for sharing your experience


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