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Nope they are church mouse quiet. Mine never came back
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Originally Posted by yury1975 View Post
Has anyone received any answer from Camouflaj customer support regarding issue with lost saved games? I sent 2 requests to them but haven't received any response yet.
In past i write 2 Times at Camouflaj costumers support,and they always reply morning i receive an e-mail from them that Now that ep 3 it's out they work on PC,MAC version for KS backers,and they had lot of work..maybe it's for that,try to contact them on Twitter,they're active on twitter: @Camouflaj @Republique
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Just finished Episode 3, here are my thoughts (Full Spoilers Ahead):

The Republique storyline and world remains as thought provoking and fascinating as it always was, and the stealth gameplay is still enjoyable, though Hope's AI flaws still can bring the game down sometimes.

I liked the introduction of gas mines to set traps for the Prizrak.

Unfortunately, their introduction came pretty late in the episode, and I never really got the chance to use them to their max potential since two of them were stolen from me.

I really hate how the masked Prizrak throw gas grenades upon spotting you immediately. It gives you no chance to run or even use a pepper spray/taser. I thought these were unfairly designed. They don't even miss. It even glitched out on me at one point, since I managed to hide in a locker just as a Prizrak threw one at me. This caused the game to not return me to the confinement room because Hope hadn't been knocked out, yet I couldn't tap to go anywhere. I had to quit and restart at the last save point to fix this.

I liked seeing just how easily Mattie was able to rig the system to bring down anyone she didn't like. The parts where you had to create a fake headline were interesting, if intentionally morally repulsive. It made me feel as though Mattie was manipulating Hope for her personal gain.

I also liked finding out that Hope had a love interest, though I might have missed this from an earlier episode. It made her motivation to escape that much more relate-able.

The twist ending was great, and it'll be interesting to see how the game changes from here on out. That said, I thought the last moment of the episode was kind of cliched.

I didn't like the way the world was laid out. Compared to the elegance of the Library, this felt like a step back in terms of level design.

Finally, I was disappointed that I lost my entire save game once again upon starting the episode.I forgave you the first time since it was the first time anyone had to work out technical issues of adding new episodes to the app, but now it's really frustrating, since I didn't have anywhere near the amount of items I needed to survive. I liked that I could go back and search for stuff that I missed, but it looks like that won't be the case after this point, based on the episode's ending.

Overall, I felt this was the weakest episode yet. It felt shorter than the first two episodes, and I felt that there was less gameplay in this one compared to story, where previous episodes balanced the two well. Still, my hopes are still up for the remaining two, with enough unanswered questions to keep me playing. If I had to rank the episodes so far, it would be 2,1,3.
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Love this game. It's simply brilliant

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