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03-10-2014, 02:54 AM
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getting a random "friend request" from BlindAlbino does not scare me

i agree to his statement:

"In my humble experience, some reward can come quickly through tricks and gimmicks, but the true, lasting rewards come from earning a respected place among the supportive communities that you yourself regard as worthy. And from that noble perch you will be supported/rewarded much further than you would have been had you gone for the quick buck initially." (BlindAlbino)

reading this, i cant agree more, and will add one of my favorite quotes: "what we do in our lives echoes through eternity" (Maximus). and can just hope that with hard work, and thought i can add my humble drop to the big pound of game creativity.

i dont think any of us want apple to deal with content judgment ... further than they already do.
03-10-2014, 03:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Destined View Post
The community has a say. By purchasing/downloading as well as a rating system. The community is the consumers.

I see this suggested a lot I think by developers that believe(maybe rightly so) that if people saw their game it would be more popular. The fact is this system is already in place and number of downloads will always be the major factor because app stores want to show you apps which people download a lot because you might download it too.

If this is a problem for you there is nothing to stop people making a site which reorders them based on their small sub community.
I don't disagree that in some respect the community are voting for something by downloading it. Its is just that this measure is so connected to the amount of money the company can spend on advertising that it may not be a real measure of if an app is good or not.
And I don't want to come at this from the cynical developer point of view, of I made a terrible game and now I am surprised when no one downloads it. I was thinking more from a consumer point of view, that the model the app store follows seems really quite dated. All that is really offered to consumers is a search, and a few lists of apps. It would be nice if they offered a few more ways to find useful content, something like apps that my facebook friends have downloaded. Even something that refreshes more than once a week would be nice, like a popular now section. Or the ability to list apps based on different criteria, or even tags. Methods that are more community focused and don't depend on a person from apple adding the app to a list, or overseeing it. These things are the norm now in most other market places, but the app store hasn't really changed much from when it first started. Apple has always had a mentality of control, and it has allowed them to build very high quality products, but it does mean that they do seem to shy away from leveraging the power of a community, because that is something that is much harder for them to control.