App description: Fight the bad guys and save the day! In Crosstown Smash, your fighting prowess and quick reflexes are needed to clear the town of crime once and for all. Featuring a well-developed story, fun gameplay, and an original chiptune soundtrack from the inimitable Factor6 (, you will want to play over and over again.

The fast-paced and instinctive fight encounters are quick and furious. When you beat an enemy they take a knee and retreat, only to attack again with renewed vigor. Progress through the streets, alleyways, parks, forests and backroads of Darien City, seeking the truth behind the strife threatening to overtake the continent of Oshiana.

Just completed blew the thing out
- New combat system
- New streamlined UI and layout
- Free/ad-supported/IAP with full game right out of the gate
- Overhauled movement logic
- New "Charge" attack animations
- New leveling and experience system
- All killer
- No filler
- Retry/Next option when clearing levels
- Sharing function for social media accounts

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PANC Software's comments:
Hey folks, I wanted to announce that we have released our new game Crosstown Smash to the iOS, Google Play and Amazon app stores. This game took about a year to complete, and were really happy with what we accomplished.

Crosstown Smash is a pixelart brawler with a soundtrack by the incredible Factor6. Its got 4 playable characters, 24 special attacks, 8 locales and 40 stages. We took time to make this game as fun as possible. There are lots of items to collect (to get the full 100% completion),

There are no social plugins to get in the way of the gameplay, and from now until 3/15, the game is going to be completely FREE! We know that River City Ransom is in development right now, so this is the perfect appertif! The trailer is linked below for you guys to check out. Wed love to know what you think.

We put a lot of time in on this one, and we are committed to updates to make sure its the experience we intended. Get at me at alex(at)panc(dot)co with any comments or suggestions, or follow me @pancsoftware.

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03-25-2014, 06:29 PM
So River, Much City, Very Ransom

Just wanted to let everybody know that we've updated a ton of content in the game, refactored the control scheme, and debugged the enemy AI. We really worked hard to put in some improvements and make the control scheme more intuitive. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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