App description: Attack! Defend! Watch! Counter! New Dragon Game, Counterattacking Action RPG!

Raging Dragons is a whole new type of Dragon Game! Combat against dragons and monsters is ultra simple! You'll use only two buttons: Attack and Defense with rhythm and timing to crush your foes! Timing is everything in this Counterattacking action RPG!

Defending just as an enemy hits you will leaving them open to a massive counterattack!
Use bows against flying enemies, choosing your arsenal to suit the battle! You'll face countless deadly creatures and tremendous boss monsters, but with powerful Skills at your command, victory will be yours!
Clash fight with not only dragons from legend but also the whole clan of monsters like zombie, giant golem, and more and more...
A heroic Knight-Princess against a horde of monsters!

Mina, brave Knight-Princess of Erinia faces off against the Chaos Witch Vilt in a battle to save the kingdom and the world!
Take control of Mina as she risks her life in a quest full of dragons to restore peace and balance.
Unique spirits dwell within mighty weapons!

When Mina equips a weapon that contains a spirit, her costume will change to match!

Fail Not, the gifted archer,
Kiriti, who burns all who displease her,
Grid, a fiery, but precise young and cute girl,
and many more lavishly illustrated spirits will join, lending their skills in battle!

A variety of weapons are provided for the princess warrior : blade and sword including samurai ninja sword, bows and arrows, magician cane and more.
Hunt down vicious monsters and dragons with your friends! Fun part of MMO Action RPG!

Befriend other players and earn points to spend on new weapons!
Deadly boss monsters lurk in every corner of the land. Seek them out, strike and destroy them, and share the spoils with your fellows!
If the beasts prove too strong, open up chat and discuss strategies!
Watch destiny of Mina till the final stage of this epic fantasy story!
Notice: All in-game texts will be in English.
08-23-2014, 05:44 PM
I think my biggest issue with the collection aspect of the game is that the weapons feel uninspired, and ultimately far less exciting to collect than new spirits. The spirits though lack variety, reusing the same few models while swapping equipped weapons. It simply lacks the 'wow' factor of gaining a neat new unit that similar freemium titles offer.
08-24-2014, 07:30 AM
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What, exactly, does "slice and foresee" mean?
08-24-2014, 10:33 AM

Hello, I really enjoyed this game until today, I reached lvl 31. With my character and bought over 2000 gems, then the game crashed and wouldn't let me on so I had to re-download the game, now my characters are gone but my mail etc is still there?
Any help with this would be nice

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