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Thinking of making a switch

09-19-2011, 12:53 PM
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Thinking of making a switch

Hey everyone,

So I've been thinking about trying out an android phone (specifically the experia play). Now I love my iOS devices but I have 3 of them already; I have my personal phone (iPhone 4), my work phone (3Gs), and my new kidney (iPad 2). As you can see, I'm not really losing anything from tossing my personal phone.

So what do you guys think. Should I go for android, how's the gaming market there, is there another android phone that can use buttons to play games (ex: keyboard) anything I should lok out for?

I know I'm being somewhat vague with what I'm looking for in your responses but I'm not looking for a specific answer either.

09-19-2011, 02:04 PM
First, of course, check reviews—multiple reviews, to avoid the risk of “fan” reviews. (A lot of Android device reviews gloss over problems because of the author’s emotional bias. Find out the good and the bad and then decide.)

But the most important info to get may be another question: what games are on Android that you want, that aren’t on iOS? If Sony has enough that are good enough, then there’s your answer!

Android has enough problems that I’d need a good reason to use it—it would have to be a LOT better than iOS in some real, massive, day-to-day ways; not “open” buzzwords, nor small specific UI features, since iOS has its own advantages in that department.

So far, I haven’t seen such a huge reason to give up iOS’s advantages. And my Android fans put up with huge problems I could never stomach on my phone—like being unable to get calls on two different Android models, after a full year of trying; and poor battery life, and lost emails, and tons of crashes. Why do they put up with that? What are they getting in return? Nothing except avoiding the evil “Apple conspiracy.”

However, not everyone has that same level of Android problems, especially if you spend enough time educating yourself and tweaking/tinkering—things I’m delighted not to have to worry about with iOS, but then again, some people enjoy fixing their car/PC/roof/whatever! Problem-solving itself is a fun hobby sometimes.

So if certain awesome games are Android-exclusive, better than the many iOS exclusives, then an Android device could be tempting! I can certainly see wanting to have more different types of devices in my tech toybox. I’d rather have an Android game machine that didn’t interfere with my phone, though. An Experia/Android iPod Touch-alike could be cool, and then the problem-solving hobby would not impact core functions like phone calls and email (none of which work when your device has crashed or run out of charge). Plus the malware concerns on Android are real, and I’d prefer to keep them on a game-only device, separate from anything important like my personal info.

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09-19-2011, 02:47 PM
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The other OS out is Bada, I am not sure about any games tht kick a$$ on tht or droid for that matter, but as you mentioned a keypad, I think you are looking for a Sony Xperia play.

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