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01-28-2016, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by hereforthelols View Post
[...] would you ever consider adding a function in multiplayer where you can make the teams have uneven amounts of gold, instead of both teams starting off with the same amount? [...]
Actually yes. I had a handicap function in mind, where one of the players could have more gold at their disposal than the other. I asked a couple of my friends if they'd use it, but they said that it didn't matter to them so I scrapped it. Might be worth looking into if I decide to create an entirely new version of this game later on.

Glad you enjoy the sandbox mode. It was actually initially and idea that came out of this very thread some time ago, so I implemented it.

I have to say thank you, for taking the time to write about your thoughts and ideas for 8bitwar. It feels pretty great to hear that something I made quite a while back is reaching people and getting them excited about it.