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10-14-2013, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by bigred447uk View Post
When I booted this up I was initially unimpressed because the menus and presentation seem rough around the edges. I don't judge a book by its cover though and I was pleasantly surprised to find the controls and physics to be spot on with a playable character that feels nicely weighty physics wise. The throwing the coconuts mechanic is nice once you work out how to pull it off. The death needs more animations though because before you realised you screwed up you're staring at the game over screen !

I haven't played far but there is enough of a game here that seems worth exploring that I will play on despite the rough presentation of the menus.

Also maybe there's something off about the collision detection with that crab in the first level because sometimes I die if I land in top of it but sometimes I can join it on the platform suffering no damage.

Also I'm not sure of some of the mechanics because sometimes I had to restart the level because I did not fall through the sand in the correct place to collect the crystally things.

All in all there appears to be a solid game engine here but I will have to play further to find out if the game mechanics are greater than the subpar presentation. Key point being that I actually want to play further to find this out which says a lot in this jaded world of too much choice on the App Store.

I will report further findings after a longer play session. Sorry if this seems harsh but also could potentially be a gem here given a couple of updates and depending on what further play reveals about the deeper mechanics of the game.
It doesn't seem harsh and I prefer it when people give me honest feedback.

Are you finding there's no collision recognition with the crab on immediate contact rather than the invincibility after effect? I'm not sure what's happening there as I've never had that happen. I'll have a look at it.

I wanted to make the game so that players could generally finish a level without collecting all the pieces of eight and could then go back and search for the ones they missed if they didn't have enough to buy the next map piece. I also wanted to make it so that the player had to think about where they stepped on the crumbling floors - rather than just allowing yourself to drop down in the first level it helps to walk over the floors so a step pattern is left enabling you to ascend back up it.

Could you give me some more feedback on what about the presentation made it look rough though? Was this just for the menus?
10-14-2013, 05:14 PM
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Actually all I can put my finger on is the font of the 'new game' 'back' buttons that are bright green. It just seems at odds with the rest of the screen. The actual background art is lovely and the title fits nicely in my opinion. Funny how one off font can colour my judgement. Anyway credit to you that I'm nit-picking about presentation. The game itself seems solid apart from adding a bit to the death animation so the the game/over restart button don't appear so quickly. It's a credit to the game that this is where I give feedback. The physics and controls seem spot on to me which I imagine are harder to get right.

Edit : regards the crab maybe I take damage then invincibility lets me occupy the ledge in the same space as the crab. Maybe this is as intended but it seems odd I can occupy the same space as another entity in this type of game.

I hope you get some good response from others who try it. My overall feelings is that this is one or two tweaks away from being a very playable game.

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