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Dungeon Quest by Giggs Apps (HeroQuest-like board game)

03-03-2013, 10:31 PM
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Dungeon Quest by Giggs Apps (HeroQuest-like board game)

Hi all,

Thanks to the "Mighty Dungeons" thread, I just recalled this game which I had played in the past but totally forgot about.

The link to the Google Play Store is here, and it's pretty much a mobile version of the old hero quest game.


Become the most popular adventurer of the kindgom by smashing more monsters than ever in this turn-based dungeon crawling game.
Choose between 8 unique characters, equip yourself and prepare your spells wisely to explore the different scenarios through 2 campaigns that are getting harder and harder.
Traps, monsters, magic items,... Dungeon Quest gathers all the classical elements of role-playing games (Diablo, Shining Force...), and board games (Hero Quest, Warhammer Quest...). Best players can even upload their characters in the hall of fame, ranking all the best heroes worldwide.
This game has been developed for RPG tactics and board-games fans by a fan on his spare time. Two dungeons are available for free, the full game can be bought in the app for the tiny cost of 1.49 ; in this way you can test it, hate it or love it and if need be, contribute to filling my fridge with beers...
Do not hesitate to tell me about any issue/feedback you have with the game !