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07-15-2012, 09:58 PM
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I brought this up a while ago and you said you'd have someone look into it.

The rocket launcher does not blow up the zombies at certain points within the game. For example, when the zombies get released from the red trailer that is suspended in the air by the crane in Muerte Vista, I attempt to blow them up immediately as they exit as a group when the trailer hits the ground. However, when the rocket hits none of the zombies blow up. They simply keep walking. This has also happened to me at other points while playing too, not just at the trailer. Sometimes the rocket works great; other times it does nothing whatsoever.

I am using the RPG-7, if that makes a difference.

A while ago you also said you were looking at removing the t-Crystals from this game and making all the weapons attainable through coins instead. I was wondering if you had come to a decision about this. For one, I am getting NO t-Crystals through the gameplay itself, making certain weapons impossible to achieve unless I buy them with real money. On top of this I am having to grind A LOT to get my coins up just to buy the weapons that are available to buy with coins.

I am REALLY hoping you guys make a move towards charging 2 or 3 dollars for your games, putting a solid free version out for people to try and either removing these restrictive IAP's, or making them strictly optional. Or if you are going to stay Freemium, don't restrict the gameplay to do so. This cheats everyone.

07-22-2012, 02:08 AM
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Hello (Hello Hello).

Is Trinity out there?

Just nod if you can hear me.

Is Trinity home?
03-03-2013, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Infidel
I only registered to this site to post in this thread.

First of all I want to say that you guys have really outdone yourselves with Call of Mini: Sniper. I have been playing it for hours on end ever since downloading it this morning simply because killing zombies is one of my favorite pastimes. The gameplay is fantastic and close-ups of the NPCs are incredibly detailed. Weapon response and movement are fluid and smooth. And overall the game is just one of my favorite app to play on my iPad 2.

My only complaint is that the munition prices are ridiculously expensive. I don't want to play for hours on end doing the same thing over and over again until I get enough for a purchase. Please lower the prices for the munitions so the game wouldn't feel so repetitive and confined.

Keep up the great work TRINITIgames! You guys rock!
I signed up to post here too!

This game is amazing. The gameplay is addictive and smooth, the graphics are epic. Triniti Interactive, you really outdid yourselves here. I have some suggestions that I feel will better the game a lot. Since this is a paid app, there should be no advertisements. I am positive that many agree with me on this subject. Civilians are annoying in two ways as well. First of all, they can hide in clusters of zombies, making launching a rocket to finish the crowd impossible. Second, they always get into trouble. To counter this, I suggest adding a no civilian game mode. This would prevent all survivors from coming into the safehouse and the map. Then, you can blast away without worrying about anything. There should also be armed civilians, either putchasable via in-game cash or a one-time IAP. This would give each civilian a weapon of some sort, allowing them to fend off a certain amount of zombies. Co-op for the win! A lot of players would love the idea of a cooperative survival situation. This would work by placing the players in random sniper towers across the map, giving each of them an unique perspective of the map. They would work together to achieve the highest possible score. No explosive barrels, as players might get upset if a fellow player decides to shoot all of the barrels, wasting them. Civilian kills would go on the player who shot the bullet. Three civilian kills, and you get kicked from the game. Earning cash would be just like single player; civilians rescued, zombies killed, etc. however, there should be a bonus based on the number of zombies killed by your teammates, such as a 25% reward. Free roaming would be liked by many. Not in the ground roaming, but there could be an extremely large map where you sat in a helicopter. This could be controllable, and there would be a separate joystick in which you could move the helicopter around. That's all of the suggestions that I would like for future updates. Now I have a couple of questions about the weapons. Does the MP5 really have 100 bullet capacity? I thought it was a glitch, so I didn't buy it. What exactly does the mine launcher do? Should I get it or should I buy the Elite M202 instead? Does the mine launcher activate it's mines when a civilian steps on it? Many people have said that the mine launcher is a complete waste. Is that true? I have many questions about guns, and I am very positive that many do as well. So there should be this special game mode where you have every weapon unlocked so you can try it out, but it would not give you any cash. Maybe a firing range? Thanks for reading this solid wall of text. Please reply with feedback on what you think on this matter. It would be greatly appreciated if you take this into consideration.

Whew, what a first post!

Aeternalix, signing off.