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05-06-2013, 12:08 AM
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This game is really amazing I love how detailed the character "poop"
I believe this game makes a Broad statement on nature as a whole. Melding the line beetween surrealist and emotional to bring a really impactful statement "everybody poops" and I think the way the "poop" is jumping upwards resembles how we are trying to escape from society's social norm and how poop is treated within are society. Also the background and the art tells a story about it is so engrained within the people that is is hard to transpire a change among others.

I would recommend this for how emotionally enriching it is. I know this game has changed my life to serve at a higher level.

Thoughtful artistic masterpiece, well done A+

Rated 4 stars only because this game has heavy undertones of sexism. Other then that 5 stars for sure.

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05-06-2013, 12:13 AM
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Please stop posting in here (yes I know I just posted) and keeping this game up in the "hot new games" section. It's childish and rather annoying.
05-06-2013, 12:47 AM
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Just picked it up and played it for about 15 minutes.

First impressions... this is shockingly good for a blatant rip-off of Doodle Jump (they didn’t even try to hide it, it’s right there in the description!). On top of that, Poop Jump is the first game (but not the first app) from developer TrueDevTeam and seller Sewer Skrzypinski. The game features tight controls, a scrupulous attention to detail, a charming lead character, and savable high scores!

This little blast from the past comes in at the incredibly low download size of 0.6 MB, blink and you’ll miss the progress bar! That amounts to 1.1 MB installed, including the high score data. Poop Jump managed to edge out 4NR’s 1.6 MB to become the smallest game on my phone. If I didn’t have CarTunes or Google Authenticator, Poop Jump would be the smallest app on my phone too!

The first time you click on the app icon (which features our hero on a bright blue background instead of the drab tan displayed in the App Store), you’ll be amazed at its blazing fast launch speed. I timed opening this bad boy 10 times and, on average, I was fart-jumping on platforms in literally less than 1 second (iPhone 4S here). You see, one of the most innovative features of this casual high-score-chasing jumper is that you simply click the app and it dumps you straight into the game. That’s right – no menu is going to stand in between you and bouncing poop on yellow-striped platforms.

Actual gameplay consists of tilting your device left and right to control the poop’s movement and ensure he or she lands safely on a platform – it’s basically Doodle Jump without the shooting. As a design decision, TrueDevTeam has made barriers of the edges of the screen instead of Doodle Jump’s screen-wrapping. Poop Jump has one major innovative edge on its inspiration, and that is that tilting your phone more to the left or right also causes the poop to jump higher. This height difference is significant and there are times when you will have to do the special tilting-high-jump to climb any higher. The tilting-high-jump actually introduces an interesting risk-reward system that demands you time and space your jumps so that you can fully tilt your phone at the last second without overshooting your mark and falling into the pit.

There are a couple powerups in the form of a spring that launches you several screens high and a mysterious circle with a “10” in it that gives you bonus points. I’m assuming it gives you something like 1,000 points, but I’ve only seen it once in fifteen minutes of poop jumping so I can’t be sure Speaking of points, your score is equal to the highest height you have reached. When you die, you are shown a high score table with scores ranging from a paltry 5,000 to a downright impressive 1,000,000 (for reference, a five-minute run netted me about 35,000 points and the number 7 spot on the high score board).

The art is a simple and charming. Your can see nearly all of it in the game’s single App Store screenshot: a chunky poo, rectangular striped platforms, textured clouds, and a pixelated wood paneling background. The clouds and wood are thoughtfully stacked in several layers of parallax scrolling. The lack of music is disappointing, but understandable considering the tiny download size. Fortunately, you can play your own music in the background. The sound effects consist of an airy fart each time the poop jumps and a liquidy fart when the poop hits a spring.

Sure, it seems like a cheap Doodle Jump knockoff, but the addition of a variable jump height that is determined by how fast the poo is moving horizontally adds a really fun and strategic layer of depth. This game is so fun that just a minute with it will make it abundantly clear why this game is still on version 1.0 despite being nearly three years old – it frankly doesn’t need to be updated, it’s perfect as is (with the possible exception of an update to retina art, please TrueDevTeam?). This hidden gem is definitely worth 99 cents.

Final Score (drumroll, please):
Just kidding, this game is a piece of crap.

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