App description: WARNING: This game is hard! If you survive for 2 minutes, you are doing really well.

The creator of Slydris, 2012 iOS Game of the Year*, is back with another elegant and intense puzzle game designed specifically for touch screens. CRUSH sounds simple: Keep the blocks from filling the screen by removing matching colors with a single touch. But the blocks keep coming, and each touch boosts the stack even higher. CRUSH brings you three modes of exciting short-burst puzzle gameplay:

THINK mode: Take a little time and consider what moves to make. Go for massive combos to rack up the best Block score.

REACT mode: Make moves quickly to keep stack low. Survive as long as possible.

CRUSH mode: The ultimate combination of speed and strategy. Go for both large combos and a long survival time.

Choose from 6 recharging powers to use as you please, with each slightly changing the strategy required to achieve maximum scores. The powers also provide a shield against an untimely death, but are destroyed in the process.

CRUSH also lets you select from 3 background color schemes to suit your needs.

CRUSH includes an innovative 4-way UI system and a minimalist art-style inspired by Propellerhead Software (Figure, Reason, Rebirth).


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Originally Posted by subtract View Post
I haven't played this yet (just bought it) but I've really enjoyed your other games.

I don't know how in the name of god Apple does search (based on keywords?), but searching the App Store (on iPhone) for Crush, crush!, Crush!, CRUSH, or CRUSH! brings up 946 results, but this game is not one of the first hits (I drilled down, it's actually number 17 - behind gems like "iHeart Love Compatibility", "Siege Hero" and "Bubble Mania").

I had to find it by searching for "radiangames", (which finds your other apps) then tapping on one of them, going to developer info, and tapping on Crush. If I hadn't been familiar with Ballistic or Inferno, I might just have assumed it wasn't available in my country for some reason.

I find Apple's search generally appalling, but I thought you might like to know.
I noticed that as well. CRUSH! might be a little generic for the search engine but couldn't the stupid thing at least prioritize app titles with "crush!" actually in the name?

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Well, to be honest I would love to have a few more color schemes.
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I played CRUSH for 3 hours straight and I am not sure if an achievement is supposed to be unlocking or not or it still isn't fixed after the recent update. Any help would greatly be appreciated. The GC achievement that has unlocked so far is when I use all six powers five times.

However, it is unclear if other GC achievements will unlock.

*The achievement that is quite confusing is the one where you apparently play the 3 modes 20 times each. I must have played Think, React, and Crush modes 100 times each last night. Under goals, within the game, where it says play 3 modes 20 times, the multiplier went from 1 to 2 after a couple of hours.

For anyone who hasn't played this, all of this probably looks very confusing. I'm just looking for an answer!

Many thanks!


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08-02-2013, 09:55 PM
Originally Posted by Bloko View Post
Well, to be honest I would love to have a few more color schemes.
Yes i must agree. Can there be a few more colorful tiles??

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