App description: Grab your shaft and sink your balls into as many holes as you can! To the casual observer, Inter-Course Golf might appear to be just a superbly crafted 3D golf game.

Look a bit closer, though, and youll see its much more fun than a typical day on the links.

Your first hole, BushWhacker, is challenging enough. But its nothing compared to DryHump, SnatchBox, and the rest of this world-class 18-hole course. You can always concentrate on the front or back nine if you only have time for a quickie, but for the best experience you really should go all the way.

Take a good, long look at each glorious hole with an introductory overhead flight. Some stops even let you take your pick from two, three, or four separate holes! Water hazards force you to pop another ball out of your sack, while sandy areas are a real pain to escape. And naturally rough, overgrown patches just impede your progress. Aim for the well-groomed areas for the smoothest ride.

Point yourself in the right direction and swing! Control the strength of your stroke with a deft flick of your finger. Sink your shot in par or under and youll hear a literal moan of pleasure. Take too long, though, and the dissatisfaction will be obvious.

Customizable player avatar
Automatic or manual selection of 12 different clubs
Wind speed and direction always displayed
Target shows your balls likely landing spot
Detailed 3D graphics
Bonus hole for extra strong performance

This 3D golf game with a mature, humorous theme will make you want to play again and again. If you have a sense of humor, Inter-Course Golf belongs on your iPhone!

***If you have any feedback about the game, wed love to hear it. Please email us at
02-05-2014, 10:11 PM
Originally Posted by senkoujin View Post
Hahahaha a developer with a sense of humor! xD
In addition to the intuitively named courses, I also noticed that the power/put "meter" takes on a peculiar maternal shape. xD
Nice way to putt it in the hole
02-05-2014, 11:23 PM
Originally Posted by nini View Post
I'm so glad "mature" games like these exist, they can insult me for not finding objectification under a faulty premise humorous. Ah gee, I'm so glad perverts now have a barely concealed way to think they're being incredibly smart.

My contempt for this game makes me hope it's taken down quickly, nobody calls me humourless, especially not sad little pervs!
You clearly have an outstanding sense of humor.

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