App description: Win Real Cash Every Week!
Make sure you sign into Gamecenter before playing!
Collect coins to unlock extra birds and items
The following changes are coming on the next update
1. Ipad Version
2. Fewer $5 payouts. More Payouts over $10
3. Less Coins Needed To Unlock Birds and Items
4. Wider Gap in Pipes so it is easier to fly through

Please note: On the day of a payout at 8:01PM EST you can go to the main screen of the game and click GameCenter. If your the rank that wins the payout that day email me here:

I hope you like the game and thanks for you support

flappycash's comments:
Flappy Cash SkyFly- Real Cash Payouts every 3-4 days
First payout is over $20 on July 4th to gamecenter rank #1
Iphone Only (can be downloaded on ipad) - Ipad and Android coming soon

Flappy bird clone with unlockable extras like birds, pipes and backgrounds.
Only app to offer Real Cash Payouts every 3-4 days based on your gamecenter rank.

Link Here:

I created this game and I am #1 right now with 27 pipes.. very sad I thought someone would have beat me by now.
07-31-2014, 09:02 AM
Payout Aug 1st

$50 Cash Payout to GameCenter rank #1 on Aug 1st

$100 Cash Payout to GameCenter rank #1 on Aug 29th

Play today and get rank #1 to win real cash.

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